Strangled corpse makeup tutorial

It's time to post this weeks video! This time I practiced some corpse makeup and decided to make a video of it. I'm trying to cover a lot of general FX and fun tutorials in the months outside of halloween and leave costumes more for this month, how do you prefer it? 

Products used 
Kryolan supracolor "406"
Ben Nye master fx wheel 
Ben Nye translucent powder
"Mesh" lenses from pinkyparadise


Haunted ghost makeup tutorial

Oh my god, I've talked through an entire video! Please let me know if you like it or if you want me to keep it the way always do it, it takes some more time to edit, but it does explain things better :) I'm not used to talking on camera, so I'm quite boring, but hopefully it will better over time, haha.. Apros the editing, it's little late because I wasn't aware how much more time talking videos needed, sorry about that! 

Products used
Urban Decay original brightening and tightening face primer
Urban Decay original primer potion 
Pros aide to cover eyebrows
Ben Nye translucent fair powder
Kryolan supracolor "406"
Mesh lenses from
Inglot eyeshadow "382" and "357"


Why Lush Ocean Salt exfoliator should be a cult product

I think we all know about lush at this point, especially if you're into the beauty environment. Usually people mentions their bath bombs, but today I want to focus on their skincare. Lush ocean salt exfoliator isn't an unknown product within the Lush costumer range, but it's a product I never really hear much about.

The reason I got this back in April last year, was that I was working on a set in an old factory and the toxins ruined my skin. I started flaking in my forehead for weeks and had to throw out all contaminated brushes and makeup. After trying this twice a week in a month with the same thick moisturizer I used before my skin cleared up completely. After that I went on to using it once a week. 

On my dry to combination skin it minimizes redness of zits, keeps the skin soft and feeling hydrated. 

The plus side of lush as a brand is of course that they're cruelty free and that they use natural ingredients. The price range is medium, not reasonable, but not to steep either. As for the individual product, Ocean Salt contain a number of good oils, ranging from avocado oil and extra virgin olive oil, both cleansing and hydrating, to ocean salt and vodka extracted lime oil which exfoliates. Best applied once your skin is already wet, I prefer to use it in the shower. The salt combined with the extracting oils will be very harsh on dry skin. Use your fingers to scoop out small amounts at the time and apply evenly, massage this carefully into your face and let it sit for a couple of minutes, to let the oils to their magic. Carefully let water rinse of your face. Don't use a towel that can soak up the oils, and finish the process by applying a toner with your fingertips. 

I've used this for about a year. As a student I can't afford lots of skincare products, but I combine it with a thick moisturizer and it seems to keep my skin in tact. I use it regularly once or twice a week, sometimes less and sometimes more, depending on how much body paint I use. 


Slit throat SFX makeup tutorial

It's been a while since I did any gore-makeup, so I'm really feeling I'm on a roll with creating different wounds and bloody details that can really make a look come together! I'm a big fan of incorporating details like bloody nails, slit throats and other damages into a makeup design to make it really come together. The slit throat is suitable for costumes like a beheaded lady or as a part of a corpse makeup. 

I'm very happy that I've been able to keep up my videos on a regular basis once a week for five weeks now. Combined with the 100 days of makeup is has really upped my productivity as an artist and make me prioritize social media work


Victorian valentines makeup tutorial

Valentines is just around the corner and it's time to get ourselves in a romantic mood. I'm celebrating this year on my channel by incorporating some old age victorian makeup and masquerade makeup. Perfect for a masquerade party where you don't want to go around holding your mask. 

Products used
Grimas white facepaint
Urban Decay naked basics palette 1
Sugarpill white eyeshadow "tako"
Sugarpill pink eyeshadow "Dollipop"
Black eyeshadow from UD palette
MAC lipliner "Nightmoth"
Kat von D tattoo liner "Jet black"
Inglot "128" HD freedom palette blush
Estée Lauder waterproof sumptuous mascara in black
MAC lipstick in "New york apple"
Makeupstore browpencil "1" 
kryolan camouflage cream concealer
NARS Sheer glow foundation in "1"
Ben nye translucent powder "Fair"


Two faced monster makeup tutorial

This video took literally forever to edit, so here you go, a blogpost/video upload two days late, but now it's up! This is quite a longer video then usual, I would love to know if you appreciate this or think it's too long. Other then that you get to hear my crooked english in the end trying to do somewhat of an outro, which is of course very scary and fun at the same time.