Villian makeup tutorial

I'm kicking of with some body paints for you guys, it's been a hot minute since I was in front of the camera recording, but I'm already stocking up so I'm ready! This look is the disney cartoon inspired style on my own villain makeup.

Products used
Grimas body paint white and light grey
Vice 2 palette "Smoked out", can be replaced with any black eyeshadow, silver for highlight
Sugarpill love+
Sugapill "Velocity"
Kryolan black liner
Estee laudre sumptuous waterproof mascara
Limecrime liquid lipstick "black velvet"
Lenses in style "Eclipse"


Trends I'm waving goodbye for 2017

All love to the youtuber in the picture, who did the full face with only highlighters challenge.
Glazed doughnut face
I love that highlight on point, and having a bit too much highlight can be a cool effect for a picture, but for everyday wear it's not ideal. Between 2015 and 2017 something went wrong, and for some reason everyone wanted to look like a greased doughnut. Let us say goodbye to this and open our eyes to a beautiful healthy glow. 

Over-lining your lips
Kylie Jenner, I'm looking at you. Whilst a tad over-lining can bring forward a fuller and sexier shape on the lips, over-lining the entire mouth gives us unsettling flashbacks from when we were kids and ate chocolate ice cream. Remember that kid who had brown clown lips every single birthday party? Yeah, that's the look. 

Ghost face
 Completely unashamedly stolen from Wayne Goss's video on 2016 trends, please let us leave cakey faces in 2016. You do not need half a tube of concealer that's way too light combined with half a bottle of high coverage foundation. You're beautiful with your natural skin, opt for good skincare and let foundation slightly even it out. 

Baking with an ashy powder
Go ahead, bake your face until your makeup never gets of, apple pie that shit. But remember, don't use white or very light powder with the wrong undertone to bake your foundation in 2017. We can see it.  


Makeup of today

My face for today

Nars sheer glow foundation 01
Kryolan dermacolor camouflage cream concealer
Kryolan dermacolor powder
MAC color creme base "Luna" 
Inglot HD sculpting powder 505
Inglot freedom system blush 55

Makeupstore glam peach (discontinued, dupe Makeupgeek "sidekick") 
Urban decay naked basics 1 palette "Venus"
Urban decay naked basics 1 palette "Crave"
Estée Lauder sumptuos extreme mascara waterproof
Brows are dyed with natural brown color

Colorpop lipliner "Bound"
OCD liptar "Anita" 


You can never remove the past, but you can learn from it

In 2016 I learned,

- Don't get ahead of yourself, and know your limits. There is only so much you can do, and don't feel bad for being human - 

- Make memories, you never know when you'll loose someone from this world, or dying yourself for that matter -

- That you need to take care people who are good for you, and block out the noise from anyone else, not everybody is as good as they say they are -

- Continue to explore the world, and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Life start on the end of your nose -

- Set boundaries for yourself and demand the respect you deserve, and most importantly don't feel bad about it. Nobody will set limits for you. - 

- Continue to work hard, and prioritize what's important for you - 

My new years resolutions

- Blog twice a week, Wednesday and Sunday - 

- Bake more- 

- Publish a video once a week-

- Eat vegetarian for the entire of February (And vlog it), and continue eating more vegetarian friendly forward -

- Try and reach 500 subscribers on youtube, and set yourself plan to achieve this - 

- Update the portfolio with at least 4 pictures in each category -

- Start swimming once a week, and step up your game as you get used to a routine - 

- Cut down on the soda and general refined sugar intake - 

- Wear well done makeup at least once a week - 

- Explore more -

2017, I'm ready for you


Don't Forget Your Lips During Your Daily Makeup Routine!

Sponsored guest post

While it's certainly true that every part of your face, and so makeup routine matters, perhaps no aspect is as important (and ironically as oft disregarded or forgotten) as your lips. Yes, lipstick can sometimes be a little annoying to apply (and re-apply, and re-apply again...), but lips are what pull together a look. So don't forget them during your daily makeup routine!

Lips are versatile, and depending on the type and color of lipstick you go with, you can convey a bunch of different looks and intentions. Whereas you most definitely can play with your mascara, eye shadow and other components of your makeup routine to hint at different appearances, whether professional, playful, fun, or everything else in between, nothing will more clearly delineate the look you're going for than a strong lipstick, or a subtle one, or a matte one, or a bright one!

That being said, looking good for other people is just a small part of why you should wear makeup. The real power of cosmetics lies in looking good for yourself. It may not be that readily apparent, but a little lipstick can do wonders for your confidence and sense of worth. We associate lipstick with the wonder-women of cinematography, history, politics and industry, those gals who could handle the worst of situations with poise and grace: your Marilyn Monroes and Julia Roberts, Marissa Mayers and Jackie Kennedys. If something as simple as lipstick can help us channel that spirit and strength, then making it a party of our daily makeup routine starts to seem like a no-brainer. Especially in difficult times, lipstick becomes one of the few luxuries that remain affordable: that little thing to remind you of better times, and to keep you going until they get better once again.

Lips matter, so don't forget them in your daily makeup routine, and wear it with pride!


Optical illusion twisted hand makeup tutorial

I've been loving on these optical illusion body paints for ages, and as I can't really get any kind of light at this time of the year unless I'm really lucky I won't be able to do any face tutorials (Trust me, I'm keeping track on the sundown and sunlight forecast in Oslo like a maniac). But I got quite a lot of cool hand tutorials laying around so it's a good opportunity to try out some of them! I've been propping up a working light with a DIY reflector using aluminium foil and I can just about get enough cold light to shoot somewhat of an excuse of a video. Gonna try some different backgrounds on my table to get a still and better video this weekend. If you've seen some cool hand art you wan't me to recreate, make sure to pop it down below!

What have you been up to lately? I've been going back and forth between exams (which I've finished pretty much, whohoo!) if I should order the Jeffree Star green lipstick holiday collection. I can't find anything similar in either color or formula, and it's been a while since the scandals now. I'm a real advocate for second chances, separating brand and face and giving people the benefit of the doubt. And should it matter, as the brand is killing it when it comes to being cruelty free, vegan and amazing quality? Well, if I end up buying it, you'll probably see it up on my blog in a while. 

Products used 
Grimas black face paint
Kryolan old age wheel (any white cream or eyeliner will do)
Naked 2 basics palette