Don't Forget Your Lips During Your Daily Makeup Routine!

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While it's certainly true that every part of your face, and so makeup routine matters, perhaps no aspect is as important (and ironically as oft disregarded or forgotten) as your lips. Yes, lipstick can sometimes be a little annoying to apply (and re-apply, and re-apply again...), but lips are what pull together a look. So don't forget them during your daily makeup routine!

Lips are versatile, and depending on the type and color of lipstick you go with, you can convey a bunch of different looks and intentions. Whereas you most definitely can play with your mascara, eye shadow and other components of your makeup routine to hint at different appearances, whether professional, playful, fun, or everything else in between, nothing will more clearly delineate the look you're going for than a strong lipstick, or a subtle one, or a matte one, or a bright one!

That being said, looking good for other people is just a small part of why you should wear makeup. The real power of cosmetics lies in looking good for yourself. It may not be that readily apparent, but a little lipstick can do wonders for your confidence and sense of worth. We associate lipstick with the wonder-women of cinematography, history, politics and industry, those gals who could handle the worst of situations with poise and grace: your Marilyn Monroes and Julia Roberts, Marissa Mayers and Jackie Kennedys. If something as simple as lipstick can help us channel that spirit and strength, then making it a party of our daily makeup routine starts to seem like a no-brainer. Especially in difficult times, lipstick becomes one of the few luxuries that remain affordable: that little thing to remind you of better times, and to keep you going until they get better once again.

Lips matter, so don't forget them in your daily makeup routine, and wear it with pride!


Optical illusion twisted hand makeup tutorial

I've been loving on these optical illusion body paints for ages, and as I can't really get any kind of light at this time of the year unless I'm really lucky I won't be able to do any face tutorials (Trust me, I'm keeping track on the sundown and sunlight forecast in Oslo like a maniac). But I got quite a lot of cool hand tutorials laying around so it's a good opportunity to try out some of them! I've been propping up a working light with a DIY reflector using aluminium foil and I can just about get enough cold light to shoot somewhat of an excuse of a video. Gonna try some different backgrounds on my table to get a still and better video this weekend. If you've seen some cool hand art you wan't me to recreate, make sure to pop it down below!

What have you been up to lately? I've been going back and forth between exams (which I've finished pretty much, whohoo!) if I should order the Jeffree Star green lipstick holiday collection. I can't find anything similar in either color or formula, and it's been a while since the scandals now. I'm a real advocate for second chances, separating brand and face and giving people the benefit of the doubt. And should it matter, as the brand is killing it when it comes to being cruelty free, vegan and amazing quality? Well, if I end up buying it, you'll probably see it up on my blog in a while. 

Products used 
Grimas black face paint
Kryolan old age wheel (any white cream or eyeliner will do)
Naked 2 basics palette


SFX Slit thumb makeup tutorial

Hello lovelies! As per usual I link my weekly video on youtube here on my blog, even though as I've mentioned before I'm not the most active on here because I don't have the time to keep up with a daily blog. But I do truly miss blogging, so I'm getting back to it as soon as my schedule allows it! How have you been these last weeks? I've been busy with school, life, editing and filming halloween videos and keeping up with daily tasks. So much have happened in the span of a couple of months, and Donald Trump winning the US election kind of topped the cherry of a crap year. As a norwegian inhabitant I of course hope he'll want to stay in NATO either way, but we'll see what the future brings and worry about our own lives for now. On a different note, do you have any suggestions or wishes for makeup tutorials in December? If so, leave them down below because I'm currently drawing my designs out!

Products used

Artex by kryolan (Can be replaced with nose and scarwax, 3degree, sculptgel) 

Ben Nye translucent powder in "fair"

Ben Nye master fx wheel (greasepaint)
Ben Nye thick blood
Kryolan F/X blood dark
(apply some water to the kryolan blood once applied for a more runny look) 


Be a living doll for halloween II halloween 2016

Halloween is coming closer and I wanted to do one of my own nightmares from my childhood. After seeing an especially terrifying episode of Goosebumps of a ventriloquist puppet I was forever terrified of these things. And to this day there is nothing more scary to me then these dolls. This is inspired by the classic cracked porcelain doll and the more sinister ventriloquist puppet. I chose lighter cute colors, a sad and depressed outlook and pigtails with bows for a cute and creepy look. But kept the puppet mouth which makes the ventriloquist dolls so terrifying. 

By the way, I'm working up posts for my blog, but as I'm doing quite a demanding study for these next years I probably won't be able to daily blog, give love to other creators and do youtube/instagram regularly. I'll inform you when I'm doing a regular schedule, instead of posting once a week of my youtube videos. 

Products used
Kryolan old age wheel (greasepaint) in white, peach, cold light brown 
Inglot freedomsystem concealer in "G"
Pros-aide cream (recommend a glue stick)
Ben Nye translucent powder in neutral
Grimas black face paint
Grimas white face paint
Fleur de force eyeshadow quad in "cosmic bronze"
Naked basics palette 1
Inglot freedomsystem in "M320"
Sugarpill eyeshadow "poison plum"
Sugarpill eyeshadow "tako"
Makeupstore eyeliner pencil "Snowflake"
Kat von D tattoo liner in trooper
Unknown brand false lashes (dupe http://tinyurl.com/je5agah)

By the way, I'm working up posts for my blog, but as I'm doing quite a demanding study for these next years so I probably won't be able to daily blog, give love to other creators and do youtube/instagram regularly. I'll inform you when I'm heading on a more frequent schedule, instead of posting once a week of my youtube videos. 


How to become a living sketch makeup tutorial II halloween 2016

A costume for all the art lovers out there, I hope you find this weeks video inspiring and try it out for yourself. This is definitely one of the more creative costumes out there if you like taking it all out, and is a fun twist of the classic black and white makeup. You can add on a black wig, a black dress, some grey lenses and a pair of black shoes, and you're good to go as a sexy drawing. 
And the very best part of this costume? It requires nearly no materials, and you can use a mix of regular cosmetics and cheap halloween store products. I will recommend you getting the products I use as I know they're fit for this use, but it's not necessary. 

Eulenspiegel clown face paint in white
Grimas black water activated paint
Makeupstore eyeliner in "snowflake"
Ben Nye translucent powder in neutral (I forgot this step, but use a white translucent powder if wearing this for longer then 1 hour)
Sugarpill "tako" (Any white matte eyeshadow will do)
Brown hairspray (should be black, or have a wig)
Eldora false lashes in M108
Urban Decay eyeliner from a limited edition package, any long lasting black water liner will do. 


Ringmaster clown burton style makeup tutorial II Halloween 2016

Halloween is coming around, and of course I had to do something Burton inspired. I want a good mix of scary and less scary tutorials, so you have a lot to choose from at halloween. I've actually already done this look before, at last halloween, but I didn't film it because it was too dark out. But I did absolutely love it and I knew I wanted to show you this, and I've saved it until this year. What is so fun about re-creating a look I did a year ago is that I can so clearly see improvement and how my art style has changed during a year. This look is inspired by Tim Burton, Michael Hussar and vintage candy shops. The style is clearly burtonesque, but the nose shading, lip shading and cheek shading is inspired by Hussars painting style. And I can reveal that later this October I'm doing a more directly Hussar inspired look, but I need to finish sketching it out first. 

Products used
White body paint 
Black bodypaint from Kryolan
Naked 2 basics palette (Crave, Faint)
Urban Decay face primer 
Kryolan dermaflage concealer (this is what I had at hand, but use whatever you have available)
Sugarpill "Tako"
Sugarpill "Buttercupcake"
Sugarpill "Flamepoint"
Sugarpill "Dollipop"
Sugarpill "Poison Plum"
Sugarpill "Velocity" 
Sugarpill "Bulletproof"
Sugarpill "Acidberry"
Sugarpill "Love plus"
Kat von D tatto liner in black
MAC Lipstick Arianda grande viva glam collection (any dark plum lipstick will do) (MAC lipliner in currant is a good dupe for the color) 
Eldora false lashes "D162"
Estée Lauder waterproof black mascara 
Powder any cream makeup if you're wearing this for a while