Gouged eye SFX tutorial II Halloween tutorials 2016

We're nearing halloween and I've been filming and sketching for you guys all summer, so get ready for one crazy month. The videos will be uploaded either Wednesday or Friday and will be a mix of body paints and prosthetics. This look was inspired by the gouged out eye that goes around Pinterest every year in October, so I wanted to do my little twist on it. 

The process is simplified so that most people can get a good result without much skill. As you can tell I didn't want a super neat application, this is because most people won't know how to properly apply prosthetics, and it shows how to blend in any errors so that it looks believable on a party, as a cosplay or wherever you want to wear this look. 

Products used
For prosthetics:
Nose wax from Ben Nye
Plastic wrap
Ben Nye grease paint wheel in "master fx bruise"
Kryolan sealer
PS Composites bald cap plastic (can be replaced with glaztan, liquid latex and other similar alternatives)
Ben Nye powder in fair

For appliance:
NARS Sheer Glow foundation 1.
Ben nye powder
Makeupstore brow pencil nr 1
Prosthetic glue (Pro-key neils materials, pros-aide, etc.)
Eyebrow block or glue down (with a standard glue stick) your eyebrows to protect them
Pros-aide cream (Can also use liquid latex and bondo), smear it out with a q-tip
Bloody marvelous dark gel blood

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See Portugal through my lens

Faro is one of those not quite discovered cities in Portugal that still isn't overwhelmed with tourists during high-season. And we chose our trip there this year because some my fathers girlfriends family lives down here, so it's very nice getting to know them.  The only downside in Faro is that many of the natives doesn't speak a lot of english, so you need to be a bit patient when ordering food and getting around with taxies and stuff. But plus side they're really friendly. It's not really a problem because you usually get your point across, but it can be inconvenient. 

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If you're looking for the real portuguese experience, you should eat dinner at 1pm, as the natives eat out at that time and simply has bread, cheese and wine at nighttime. This will give you the freshest food and the cheapest prices. And be sure to try the grilled fish, as they make some of the most amazing fish dishes in the world. As for dining at night, we had tapas at Bar 62. Incredible place, well made food and a huge selection of exiting drinks. If you're a traditionalist, order the quiches. If you like raw fish, order the Norway tapas, it's fantastic. And if you're a real sweet tooth, order granny with the goat cheese, walnut and honey. 
And if you're looking for great sushi, be sure to swing by 7imeo winebar and order their hot rolls, the salmon and avocado and spicy shrimp, you will not regret it. Spoken from somebody who previously hated sushi.  

What to shop
In Portugal, shoes and purses are definitely something you need to pick up in Portugal. Great quality products at a reasonable price point. I've scoured some shops and looked at different products, and if you do use leather the shoes and purses has very high quality leather and good handwork in the sewing, so you know it'll last you for some time. Keep in mind if you're going for shopping that in Faro during the summer they have a lot of festivals and markeds, so be sure to swing by those to pick up some spicy jewelry that can dress up a basic outfit and make you stand out. 

Other to-shop products are different spices and if you can, bring some olive oil and wine with you as well on your way home to make the memories of the trip and tastes last you a while after your arrival home.

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The best cleansing scrub for dry skin

• Cruelty free • 21.95$ • 4.2 oz •

If you grew up near the sea, or just simply like the salty smell of the sea, I can guarantee you, you will love the scent of this scrub. It's a mix of thick and fine salt, and the harder you massage it in, the deeper it exfoliates. Make sure to have a wet face, and scrub it in. For as long as you bother to. Then carefully splash it off let your face dry, preferably without a towel, to avoid brushing of any nutrients for the skin. As said on the pot, it contains avocado, lime and a bunch of other moisturizing and brightening oils. Grapefruit, extra virgin coconut oil and mango butter to mention a few.

After I've used it, it dries out my outbreaks and make them disappear faster and properly clean my skin. The skin feels moisturized and I actually started using this after a film shoot where we where around a lot of toxic materials, so I broke out and flaked all over. This removed the dry and broken skin almost instantly, when nothing else worked, so I know for a fact this is hard-core. As for the packaging it's great that you can collect five pots and receive a free mask of your choice. And the pro of being in a pot is that you can easily get all of the product out.

All in all, this is a great all rounder and is supposedly great for all skin types. But I've only used it on dry to combination skin type over time, so I can't state that. If you want a long use of it, only use it in the face and find a bigger and cheaper option for your body


My travel beauty bag

Whenever I pack for a tropical vacation, I try to eliminate as many products as possible. I hate having a huge luggage, and I love to be able to shop while I'm there. And also, I don't want wear a full face when I am on vacation, just a little something to brighten up my face and bring out my best features. You can change out the products and colors to what suits you, but this list is perfect when packing your makeup.

A bronzer if wanted
A mix of concealer colors
Your foundation 
A hardcore powder
A dewy highligher 
Face primer
Makeup remover

For my skin coverage I have 3 different shades of dermacolor kryolan concealer. This is because we're staying for 14 days, so my skin color may vary quite a lot. I use concealer for the most part if we're going out. I just apply this on problem areas, and blend from the middle of my face, to even out my skin tone. This includes the nose bridge, cheekbones/under eye area, forehead and chin. If I want a bit of highlight I'll take my NARS Sheer glow foundation which is very dewy and blend it out with my sponge on the high points of my face and just use my concealer on problem areas. In a humid environment setting is all, I can do just fine with primer and powder, but if you have a oily skin, make sure to have a setting spray like the all-nighter from Urban Decay at hand. I tend to like a bit of bronzer and dewy highlighter instead of my regular contour when I tan, so I usually bring my Inglot freedom system HD sculpting powder in 507 and I did bring my staple MAC color cream "luna". 

Eyes and eyebrows
Waterproof eyeliner
Waterproof mascara
Optionally lashcurler
Eyeshadow primer
Very small basic palette (2-3 shades of brown will work fine)
Long lasting eyebrowpencil

Because I'm hooked on winged eyeliner lately I brought my liquid felt tip from smashbox and the softer pencil liner from smashbox. Both very long lasting and has held up during hot days, to be honest I don't sunbathe with makeup, but when I browse the city and have lunch. But if you're not all about that liner-life, you can do just fine with the black eyeshadow in the basics palette that doesn't really take up any space. But if you want to have an open and more awake look, you use waterproof mascara. Not to bathe in, but it will stand the heat and sweat without budging. I am using Estée Lauder sumptuous extreme waterproof mascara, but you can surely find a cheaper option. 

For my fun color, I brought MAC paintpot "Rubenesque". Beautifully coral gold, that can be placed carefully on the eyelid alone for a subtle barely noticeable glow, or built up for a bright but elegant look combined with a dark brown in the outer corners. 


Hello Portugal!

Warm beaches, cold drinks, sand in your hair and the smell of seawater. 

I've just arrived in Portugal, and I can't wait too taste the seafood they're so known for and to relax for a couple of weeks. And for once I've refused to pack any particular makeup, besides what I'm wearing. I'll be heading on my bachelor at Westerdals in makeup and special effects this fall, so I am taking a makeup break where my creative outlet will be pencils and paper. Period. (no pun intended). As to where we're staying, we booked a house in a very small town around locals to meet my fathers girlfriends family. They pretty much live in Faro all year. (I know, I'm a little bit jealous too).

Speaking of the house, blogposts these next 14 days may be a bit unstable, because the wifi goes and comes like a wild animal. Or better said, it's the lock ness monster. Everybody knows it's there, but we only get very rare glimpses of it. And also after a extremely busy year, my plan is to relax by the beach and poolside, reading my Jojo Moyes novel and drinking Portuguese wine. A complete break from responsibilities. See you Sunday for a new update, and travel inspired makeup tips! 


DIY Depot palette

- MAC Viva glam 2 Nicki - MAC "Snob" - 

- MAC "Heroine" - MAC "Russian red" - The Balm "Amanda kissmylips" - MAC "Speed dial"-

- Makeupstore "senorita" - Makeupstore "Stage" - MAC "Cosmo" - Oriflame "attraction" - 

As my lipstick collection has grown, the clutter has as well. I got this a while ago in London last year, for putting testers and samples in. The brown and the see through section is just a foundation test and primer. But when my MAC "snob" broke of, instead of trying to melt it together again I decided to depot it and make my own handy lipstick palette. In here you can see all of the shades I use primarily on clients, or so rarely I don't mind doing a bit of extra work with disinfecting them when using them. I've sorted the browns, purples and pinks together so I can easily see the color difference. 

The progress of depot can be quite easy, get yourself a palette. You can use any palette, even the empty black watercolor ones from the art store. Here I've used vueset "viking jack" palette. And a small metal spatula (preferably) or a small butter knife to cut of the lipstick, and then scoop out the rest from the top. Almost half a lipstick is in that cap, so you get more product out of it if you depot it. Next mush it up with the spatula until it's soft and muddy. After doing this to all the lipsticks you want to depot, take a hairdryer on high heat and low air blow. Heat up the mush, one section lipstick at the time, until it completely melts. This will make it harden again, look neater and easier to keep clean. Make sure to blow straight down so the lipsticks don't mix together, you may get some cross contamination, but it should be easy to remove with a brush once you start using it. 

This is my custom made palette to bring with clients, with some other shades I haven't depotted yet that I see is so popular with my clients, it's better to just have the shades rather then mixing. In my opinion a versatile depot palette for personal use, has a deep red, a orange, a coral, a bright pink, a good medium brown, a nude, a dark brown, a plum shade, a purple shade, a white shade and a black shade. A yellow and blue too if you want to get real fancy. This let's you mix different colors to get the desired shade, but are also great on their own already. You can sheer them out with lip balm. If it's also for clients you may need more then one shade to help suit different people, without mixing forever. This is my custom made palette to bring at work, with some other shades I haven't depotted yet. I see these are so popular with my clients, that it's better to just have the shades rather then mixing.