You can never remove the past, but you can learn from it

In 2016 I learned,

- Don't get ahead of yourself, and know your limits. There is only so much you can do, and don't feel bad for being human - 

- Make memories, you never know when you'll loose someone from this world, or dying yourself for that matter -

- That you need to take care people who are good for you, and block out the noise from anyone else, not everybody is as good as they say they are -

- Continue to explore the world, and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Life start on the end of your nose -

- Set boundaries for yourself and demand the respect you deserve, and most importantly don't feel bad about it. Nobody will set limits for you. - 

- Continue to work hard, and prioritize what's important for you - 

My new years resolutions

- Blog twice a week, Wednesday and Sunday - 

- Bake more- 

- Publish a video once a week-

- Eat vegetarian for the entire of February (And vlog it), and continue eating more vegetarian friendly forward -

- Try and reach 500 subscribers on youtube, and set yourself plan to achieve this - 

- Update the portfolio with at least 4 pictures in each category -

- Start swimming once a week, and step up your game as you get used to a routine - 

- Cut down on the soda and general refined sugar intake - 

- Wear well done makeup at least once a week - 

- Explore more -

2017, I'm ready for you

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