Optical illusion twisted hand makeup tutorial

I've been loving on these optical illusion body paints for ages, and as I can't really get any kind of light at this time of the year unless I'm really lucky I won't be able to do any face tutorials (Trust me, I'm keeping track on the sundown and sunlight forecast in Oslo like a maniac). But I got quite a lot of cool hand tutorials laying around so it's a good opportunity to try out some of them! I've been propping up a working light with a DIY reflector using aluminium foil and I can just about get enough cold light to shoot somewhat of an excuse of a video. Gonna try some different backgrounds on my table to get a still and better video this weekend. If you've seen some cool hand art you wan't me to recreate, make sure to pop it down below!

What have you been up to lately? I've been going back and forth between exams (which I've finished pretty much, whohoo!) if I should order the Jeffree Star green lipstick holiday collection. I can't find anything similar in either color or formula, and it's been a while since the scandals now. I'm a real advocate for second chances, separating brand and face and giving people the benefit of the doubt. And should it matter, as the brand is killing it when it comes to being cruelty free, vegan and amazing quality? Well, if I end up buying it, you'll probably see it up on my blog in a while. 

Products used 
Grimas black face paint
Kryolan old age wheel (any white cream or eyeliner will do)
Naked 2 basics palette

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