Queen of Hearts makeup tutorial

I know I'm late for valentines, but hey at least I've finally done a queen of hearts video! I'm currently on winter break at my mothers house, hence the lacking of back background and access to an external light to brighten up the lights. So sorry about the crappy quality, it took quite a long time both to edit and to film this. The filming part is due to the lack of competence when it comes to painting on clothes, I would have added more details to my look but the natural daylight would have disappeared completely. And the collar took a long ass time, trust me. So add natural daylight in Norway and a not so great camera, bad quality.. but you get the point though! And when it comes to editing, my computer is singing on the last note and I yet haven't dared to test the new video program on my mac, so videos these next weeks might be a bit delayed until I learned it properly and my school audition is handed in. 

My inspiration for this look was of course the queen of hearts, but we've been focusing so much on 1700-1800's in school lately that I incorporated that in my look unconsciously. I would have love to re-do this look in a more creative and artistic way in a couple of years, when I'm a more experienced body painter and I'm not rushed by the natural daylight. It's an interesting concept. 

In this look however I'm quite accurately using the typical makeup in the 1800's, the beauty mark, pale skin, rosy cheeks and pale eyebrows. I only missed my grey wig, but I think the green hair brought out the red and gave the whole look a more fictional look, so I got away with it ;) 

Products used
Grimas white bodypaint, black body paint
Makeup forever red body paint
Naked basics palette
Inglot "382M" (Red eyeshadow)
Sugarpill bulletproof (Black eyeshadow to make the beauty mark)
MAC Viva Glam Ariana Grande lipstick
MAC Lipstick "russian red"
Lancome hypnose black mascara