Sophisticated for winter

The winter is a perfect time to explore the more cold monotone colors. A grey or black manicure can give you that trendy feel that looks so gorgeous, but isn't always what you want during the warm summer. Personally I love the more muted colors in the winter, whilst in the summer I often go for much brighter colors in tune with the environment.
OPI Cement the Deal is by other means perfect, and you can shine it up or matte it down with a top coat depending on the look you're going for. Do you want the minimalistic look, go for a matte. But to give you the perfect accessory, that is well done but doesn't take all the attention from your outfit, then stick to the glossy look. The OPI Cement the Deal requires 1-2 coats of polish to get opaque, about 10 minutes to get completely dry, 20 if you have a slow drying base or top coat.

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