Modelling day snapshots

I was so happy with the Mexican sugar skull I did around Halloween time, so I wanted it with a model so I could use in my portfolio. She was also to me earlier this month and went through a dramatic party makeup as I don't have much of that on my website, basically you're going to see a lot of model work these next months. So when Kine came to me yesterday I ended up doing the frostbite makeup and the Mexican sugar skull that were the next on my list. The reason I did the frost bite was because it's nice to have in my portfolio and it's a very realistic makeup that's not necessarily cool or show off, but is important to know for film and photo shoot work. But the sugar skull isn't necessarily too relevant to film work, but it's great for private costumers in Halloween time and for kids birthday parties and such.

I did skip out on on the flower over the web because Kine has a lot smaller forehead then I have, so I chose to keep the web and skip the flower.  That was it for today and I hope you have a nice evening, I for my part am going back to my study books.. 

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