Matched #2 Crossed book review

Another book review? In these dark times, there is desperate needs, but relax, I got a hunger games video filmed and ready for Sunday! This is the second book in the trilogy Matched, if you haven't read the first review make sure to read that as well, click here to get to the first review.

I've found my new hobby on the bus, reading. Seeing as my "secret mission" requires a lot of bus travel from where I live, I have had some time to go through some books on the way, and after I went trough the first book of the trilogy matched I had to read the rest of course. I was kind of disappointed with the first book because of my high expectations, it was kind of a boring plot to me. But it is not a bad book. This is of course subjective depending on what themes you like in your books. I preferred the second book to the first, and actually walked while reading the book up from my bus stop. I've read some goodreads reviews and heard some of my friends talk about the series and they did not like the second, so this may be an unpopular opinion. The theme goes from a love triangle that's condemned by society to a girl who fights an environment she's never been in and going through self realization. This book is also divided into the characters Ky and Cassia, whilst the first book was only from Cassias point of view. All of these changes can affect how you like a book, but for the Lucinda Riley lover I am, I found this story way more interesting.

The book is about Cassia who has now chosen Ky and he's taken away from Oria, Cassias parents sends her to some kind of boarding school to have the chance to look for Ky. When Cassia sneaks up in an aircraft she gets to the outer provinces and in her escape looks for Ky in a place she never thought existed.

My review of this 4/5 

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