Cream VS. Powder, which is the best way to contour?

In today's post I'll tell you about the difference between contouring with powders and creams, which is suited for what level of makeup knowledge, the result difference and what makeup it matches best.


When you contour you put it underneath your cheekbone, on the side of your nose, in your temples, chin and forehead, depending on your face shape and desired result, which will be covered in a later post. When you're using powders you apply this after foundation and powder to get a smooth application. But when you're using cremes you use it before powder and some use it before foundation.

It's important to remember that contouring is playing with light and shadow, to emphasize any shadows you should also use light. 

Powders give a light natural shadow, depending on how apply it, it's perfect for daytime wear and I would recommend any beginner to start with powders as it's harder to make mistakes and  it doesn't cake up as easily. You can create quite altered faces with powders as well, you just need to build it up more. Perfect for strong makeup as powders avoid your face looking like a mask combined with heavy duty makeup. 


Creams can easily look more fake, but is what can alter your face the most if you apply enough. Both cremes and powders have their benefits. Cremes are perfect for the more advanced makeup enthusiast and looks great on party makeup or more heavy duty makeup, but you can also apply a lighter layer for daily wear. Personally I love a combo, powders for day-time and cremes for night.  The con is that if you don't have a good hand with makeup it looks awful, and needs a lot of blending, and then some more. Cremes are perfect for smokey eyes if you want to look extra sharp, but mostly with lighter applied makeup. My creme contour available is a bit to warm so I've only applied a light layer of contouring. If you're contouring heavy using cremes, go for a more ashy color. 


  1. I always like to use powder for daytime contouring, and cream for more dramatic night time contouring. And if I'm REALLY wanting to amp things up, I put powder over the cream!


    1. I personally prefer this as well, and it's a very safe way to go, it's much harder to over-do it :)

  2. I totally love your post! xoxo


  3. Great post! I prefer using powder as I have an oily skin type so cream can very easily look caky on me.


    1. I never use creams on oily skin and stick to powders only as long as I can due to the smudge/caking risk!