Severe bruise damage video tutorial

It's my first time using the skin illustrator palette and I'm so exited. It looks so realistic and layers beautifully. I got up early friday to get the most lighting and to get it out by friday night, of course that didn't happen but I did get it up today. So yes, I was terrified my face smelled of alcohol the rest of the day (The activator is 99% alcohol).

And if you're wondering about what I had in mind for cause it's a carc rash and a stiff broken air pillow, the middle lip split slightly from screaming.

Products used
Skin illustrator FX palette
Ben Nye master fx bruise wheel
Chopped stiff brush (Just take a stiff blending brush and cut off the fluffy ends)
Royal brush green envy set (A thight C brush)
Stippling sponge


  1. omg this is incredible!


  2. Oh my God this is so jnsjdnsjs I LOVE IT. I shouldve used this when I had an accident and they didn't want to give me a day off because I didn't look like I had an accident (over the weekend the bruises appeared tho :/ )
    This looks sick! You are so talented <333

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    1. What? That's too bad! Haha, guess you should've had this then!
      Thank you for the compliments dear <3