Theatrical Thursday #22 Theatre evil bunny

Inspired by a look I saw over on @goldiestarling 's instagram I created my own evil bunny easter look. This one is mostly focused on theatre/stage makeup and is supposed to be effective, not realistic. But I did added some teeth instead of painting them on and real fake blood (hahaha..) so it has touches of realism. I figured that since it's easter, it should be something to get you in the easter mood for theatrical Thursday this week, crime and bunnies, the perfect combination!

Tomorrow I'll be heading over and practice driving with dad, look out grannies, the evil bunny is on the road. And then cut moms hair, make dinner and have some family time, so tomorrows post might be a bit late at night like this. Please tell me if there is anything you want to specifically see and I'll take note of it! 

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