What have I been loving? March favourites 2015

March is already coming to an end! Isn't it crazy how fast time flies by.. It's less then 80 days until I finish hairdressing school and less then 100 until I am going to IMATS.. Oh jeez..
These are my favourites for March, I haven't really found much favourites this month as I have been really busy with school and such. But I am getting into a more inspiring period so I'll probably have more in April.

Omega 3 and multivitamin

Okay so I did write a post about "hair update" where I mentioned I used multivitamins and that my hair growth lately has been quite fast. And since I've been good and taken my vitamins every day through March I though I would share the two different ones I take.
I always take 3 Omega-3 tablets as recommended on the back. Scientists are unsure of how much omega-3 you should take, but at least 3 mg. So I still take these even if I am eating fish that day. 
And I am taking multivitamin which contains most essential vitamins we need during the day. 
If you are not on a super diet and eat every vitamin you need during the day, multivitamins are a great option to make sure you get all.

Rosè dye 

I recently dyed my ombrè in a rosé colour, although a lot of the pink faded fast, it's still a cold steel colour in the ends, and it makes my hair look interesting.


I've definitely been using bloglovin a lot this month and makes it really easy to keep track on posts I want to remember and blogs I like.
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Grimas facepaint

After an intense month with working out kids face paints, of course my trust worthy Grimas face paints reach my March favourites. I have found per now these are the best face paints for me. I haven't tried too many, but these ones are the most available to me and with such good quality they're essential in my kit. 

Urban Decay Vice 2 palette 

I have again started using this palette. For the longest time I've been stuck with my Naked basics palette, but as times get lighter I feel more inspired to do makeup in the morning and not sleeping so long. 

These were my favourites for March, do you have any favourite products this month?