Tuesday haul! Bold lipstick and art supplies!

Tuesday I went to the city with my grandma and first I just fixed my new bank card with her (She works there) and after we went out dining at "Egon". Of course this Scandinavian pop idol had to be at that exact restaurant so we waited in line for so long..  Just our luck to pick something like that :P
Later on whilst waiting on our bus home we went into MAC and my grandma is a lipstick kind of woman. Altough a lot of people think she's my mother and abour fourty, she still has some tendencies. She bought this beautiful coral pink and I went for the deepest colour I could find! And I am very happy with it, I also bought a matching lip liner :)

The prices are 189 NOK for the lipstick and 155 for the lip liner (Will update US price tomorrow)

The colours are "Cyber" and "Nightmoth" :)

And we also went to an art supply store as I had a gift card from there, I bought a new sketchbook and a bigger version of pencils I already have. Prices was 95 Nok for the book and 359 Nok for the pencils.

I also bought two different purple tones as purple wasn't included.

I am soon out of ink from the pen I got in my supplies from school, so I got a thick and a very thin just so I had some alternatives. And I bought a new rubber latex because my old one was all glittery. Prices was 39 Nok for the pens and 12 Nok for the rubber. 

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