Eyes lips face Cream Eye Shadow Palette review and a old picture of me!

Sorry I didn't upload these last two days, I was working :)
It is time for another review and this time it's the elf cream eye shadow palette!
I have no idea before I checked for the price, but they stopped selling it.
Well over to my opinion about it. The package is fine and easy to open and I like that it's a little mirror inside.

The colors are nice and I like that the gray and black has a hint of blue in it. They really match each other.
They are kind of big and I really like that. And their scent is not heavy. They're all shimmer eye shadows and they're really glossy.

The light purple and the peach shade covers a lot, and the rest is really transparent. They crease a lot when you wear it. And even with a primer, it creases a lot.
So all in all I think it's a bad palette and I never really use it.
I wan't to give it a 2/5.

Photo by kinkxglittercowpanic

I can't believe this is nearly a year ago!

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