Another passion of mine, photography

Beauty and makeup is my hobby, my passion and my way to relax and shut the rest of the world out.
When I recreate or create a new artistic makeup look, it is like the world is quiet. It's just me, the materials and my tools. If there is someone else, I see them as a painting I need to finish. Because that is what makeup is for me. Art. Difference between painting and doing makeup is another surface and different materials. 
But something I have loved as well, is photography.
I never want to work as a photographer, but to take pictures on hobby basis is really fun and sometimes I feel like I can get out a message.
So here is three of the pictures I took this weekend. 

My friends actually let me take pictures of them as a couple, even though both of them is straight and well, not in a relationship on a romantic level to each other.
This picture was inspired by the incidence in Paris. Violence and hate against gays are sadly widely over the world. 
I used the effect of a romantic setting and editing combined with bruise makeup and a serious look on Niklas's face.

This picture is pretty open and I want everyone to think themselves what it means as the thing they will think on probably touches them closest to their hearts.
Here I asked him to wear something as little showy as possible and I used regular makeup to create bruises. (Video coming soon!).
The picture is almost raw. The only thing I edited was the contrast so the colors would appear better.

This picture was inspired by the campaign in the U.S. for legalizing gay marriage.
I had this in my head for a long time and I am glad I finally got to finish it.
I used a painted cloth and a black and white effect. 

This picture was planned to be about men that get abused. And also kids that gets abused at home.
I could agree with myself as they are only teenagers which fit with the last one and that the other topics are abusive females, gay pride and violence.

This was just such a pretty place and I had to use it for something.
I felt the picture was dramatic and peaceful at the same time, but for myself, there is no conscious hidden meaning behind it.

I am back from my school trip and I had enough energy then I thought so I decided to write an early blog post :)

- Kinkx

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