What's your hairtype?

Do you know you'r hair type?
If you don't, how do you know you are giving you'r hair the right treatment?

First of all, how curly are your hair?

1a Poker straight
1b Straight with enough wave to make some volume
1c Straight with some loose waves that's in a S shape some few places (For example the neck or close to you'r face)

2a  Loose flattened S- shaped waves trough you'r hair
2b Shorter and more defined S-waves (The type of waves you get when you braid wet hair)
2c Defined S-waves and some ringlets here and there

3a Big loose coils/ringlets curls
3b Bouncy and springy curls
3c Tight ringlets

Very curly:
4a Tight turned explain S-curls
4b Tight turned explain and bent curls in sharp angles (In a Z-shaped patterned)

And now you have to find out, how does the individual hairs look like?

Thin hairs that's almost impossible to see when you hold them up against the light. A retted hair could be hard  to see even if you hold it against a background with contrast like black on white.
If you roll it against you'r fingertips, you may feel the hair like a thin silk line, thin hairs are hard to feel, so sometimes you may even don't feel it.

These hair are not thin nor thick. Medium hairs can feel like a thin cotton line when you roll it between you'r fingers, you can feel it, but it's not stiff.

It means thick/rough. These hairs are really easy to find, the hair type is often by Asians  But also by others, for example, I have coarse hair but my hair is not Asian.
As the hairs falling off, you can easily find them and when you rub it against you'r fingers it is a bit straw like and it can make a sound because it's so thick.

Third step, how much hair do you have?

Try to measure the circumference of the hair with a tape measure. Try to get as much hair as possible so it gets as exact as possible.

I - Thin (Less than 5 cm)
II - Normal (Between 5-10 cm)
III - Thick (Over 10 cm)

The picture is taken from google

Try it for you'r self and tell what's you'r hair type in the comment section! :)

Good luck cupcakes!

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