Makeup Mekka nude Lipgloss "Dream Girl" review

It is time for another review and this time is the makeup mekka "Dream girl". The color is a really nice nude lipgloss.
Now the color fades a little bit and it gets of a little to quick. If you are going to drink or eat anything you will need to apply it again. If you don't eat for a while it will be gone within 45 minutes.
I do not really jump of excitement for the lasting.
But the color is really nice if you just want a transparent nude glossy layer over your lips. It do the natural lip color lighter, it is not fully transparent. The pigmentation is ok. But I personally like more pigmented lip glosses. The more pigmented the better, do I feel.

It moisture the lips whilst it is on. But it does not moisture the way chopsticks and some lip glosses do.
They taste like caramel and they smell like they taste. I would not reccomend to eat them though, haha! It is just the taste that comes into your mouth after wearing it.

This is my opinion about the glosses!
-Bye cupcakes, Kinkx!


  1. I love that lip-gloss, I've used it a several times actually and I loveit! It's glossy (teehee) love your layout, love you! :*

  2. Hehe, I guess you might tried out mine first ;) It's a lovely daycolor :) Love you too <3
    Thank you for commenting ^__^

  3. It's a little too natural for me, but it looks great on you! :) Also, if you add a little primer to your lips before you apply your lipgloss / lipstick it'll last a bit longer :)

  4. Barbie: Thanks! Yes, it's really neutral.
    It's just something I usually wear for day time. Especially when my hair was blue, since everything else was like "BOM! Here I am!!". Now as my hair are black I suspect myself using my red MAC lipstick (http://kinkx.blogspot.no/2012/10/new-in-mac-lipstick.html).

    Thanks for the tip :) But for me it's not really a problem reapplying it though. But I cant give it a bonus for fading either :)