Trends I'm waving goodbye for 2017

All love to the youtuber in the picture, who did the full face with only highlighters challenge.
Glazed doughnut face
I love that highlight on point, and having a bit too much highlight can be a cool effect for a picture, but for everyday wear it's not ideal. Between 2015 and 2017 something went wrong, and for some reason everyone wanted to look like a greased doughnut. Let us say goodbye to this and open our eyes to a beautiful healthy glow. 

Over-lining your lips
Kylie Jenner, I'm looking at you. Whilst a tad over-lining can bring forward a fuller and sexier shape on the lips, over-lining the entire mouth gives us unsettling flashbacks from when we were kids and ate chocolate ice cream. Remember that kid who had brown clown lips every single birthday party? Yeah, that's the look. 

Ghost face
 Completely unashamedly stolen from Wayne Goss's video on 2016 trends, please let us leave cakey faces in 2016. You do not need half a tube of concealer that's way too light combined with half a bottle of high coverage foundation. You're beautiful with your natural skin, opt for good skincare and let foundation slightly even it out. 

Baking with an ashy powder
Go ahead, bake your face until your makeup never gets of, apple pie that shit. But remember, don't use white or very light powder with the wrong undertone to bake your foundation in 2017. We can see it.  

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