The best cleansing scrub for dry skin

• Cruelty free • 21.95$ • 4.2 oz •

If you grew up near the sea, or just simply like the salty smell of the sea, I can guarantee you, you will love the scent of this scrub. It's a mix of thick and fine salt, and the harder you massage it in, the deeper it exfoliates. Make sure to have a wet face, and scrub it in. For as long as you bother to. Then carefully splash it off let your face dry, preferably without a towel, to avoid brushing of any nutrients for the skin. As said on the pot, it contains avocado, lime and a bunch of other moisturizing and brightening oils. Grapefruit, extra virgin coconut oil and mango butter to mention a few.

After I've used it, it dries out my outbreaks and make them disappear faster and properly clean my skin. The skin feels moisturized and I actually started using this after a film shoot where we where around a lot of toxic materials, so I broke out and flaked all over. This removed the dry and broken skin almost instantly, when nothing else worked, so I know for a fact this is hard-core. As for the packaging it's great that you can collect five pots and receive a free mask of your choice. And the pro of being in a pot is that you can easily get all of the product out.

All in all, this is a great all rounder and is supposedly great for all skin types. But I've only used it on dry to combination skin type over time, so I can't state that. If you want a long use of it, only use it in the face and find a bigger and cheaper option for your body


  1. Lush is a MUST. I love their stuff. Their Rose mask is frickin amazing. I just like anything that has a good clay texture in it. Clay sucks out all the icky stuff from your skin!

    I've used ocean scrub it's amaze.

    Good post gurl!


    1. I haven't tried the rose mask yet, maybe I should give it a go?

      thank you!