My travel beauty bag

Whenever I pack for a tropical vacation, I try to eliminate as many products as possible. I hate having a huge luggage, and I love to be able to shop while I'm there. And also, I don't want wear a full face when I am on vacation, just a little something to brighten up my face and bring out my best features. You can change out the products and colors to what suits you, but this list is perfect when packing your makeup.

A bronzer if wanted
A mix of concealer colors
Your foundation 
A hardcore powder
A dewy highligher 
Face primer
Makeup remover

For my skin coverage I have 3 different shades of dermacolor kryolan concealer. This is because we're staying for 14 days, so my skin color may vary quite a lot. I use concealer for the most part if we're going out. I just apply this on problem areas, and blend from the middle of my face, to even out my skin tone. This includes the nose bridge, cheekbones/under eye area, forehead and chin. If I want a bit of highlight I'll take my NARS Sheer glow foundation which is very dewy and blend it out with my sponge on the high points of my face and just use my concealer on problem areas. In a humid environment setting is all, I can do just fine with primer and powder, but if you have a oily skin, make sure to have a setting spray like the all-nighter from Urban Decay at hand. I tend to like a bit of bronzer and dewy highlighter instead of my regular contour when I tan, so I usually bring my Inglot freedom system HD sculpting powder in 507 and I did bring my staple MAC color cream "luna". 

Eyes and eyebrows
Waterproof eyeliner
Waterproof mascara
Optionally lashcurler
Eyeshadow primer
Very small basic palette (2-3 shades of brown will work fine)
Long lasting eyebrowpencil

Because I'm hooked on winged eyeliner lately I brought my liquid felt tip from smashbox and the softer pencil liner from smashbox. Both very long lasting and has held up during hot days, to be honest I don't sunbathe with makeup, but when I browse the city and have lunch. But if you're not all about that liner-life, you can do just fine with the black eyeshadow in the basics palette that doesn't really take up any space. But if you want to have an open and more awake look, you use waterproof mascara. Not to bathe in, but it will stand the heat and sweat without budging. I am using Estée Lauder sumptuous extreme waterproof mascara, but you can surely find a cheaper option. 

For my fun color, I brought MAC paintpot "Rubenesque". Beautifully coral gold, that can be placed carefully on the eyelid alone for a subtle barely noticeable glow, or built up for a bright but elegant look combined with a dark brown in the outer corners. 


  1. I'll be studying in the UK, in just less than a month. So really, I have to make a beauty travel bag/what I REALLY REALLY need! And it terrifies me because I legit need everything! Haha

    xx BASH |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. Good luck, I can't wait to see the posts on how you're doing! <3