DIY Depot palette

- MAC Viva glam 2 Nicki - MAC "Snob" - 

- MAC "Heroine" - MAC "Russian red" - The Balm "Amanda kissmylips" - MAC "Speed dial"-

- Makeupstore "senorita" - Makeupstore "Stage" - MAC "Cosmo" - Oriflame "attraction" - 

As my lipstick collection has grown, the clutter has as well. I got this a while ago in London last year, for putting testers and samples in. The brown and the see through section is just a foundation test and primer. But when my MAC "snob" broke of, instead of trying to melt it together again I decided to depot it and make my own handy lipstick palette. In here you can see all of the shades I use primarily on clients, or so rarely I don't mind doing a bit of extra work with disinfecting them when using them. I've sorted the browns, purples and pinks together so I can easily see the color difference. 

The progress of depot can be quite easy, get yourself a palette. You can use any palette, even the empty black watercolor ones from the art store. Here I've used vueset "viking jack" palette. And a small metal spatula (preferably) or a small butter knife to cut of the lipstick, and then scoop out the rest from the top. Almost half a lipstick is in that cap, so you get more product out of it if you depot it. Next mush it up with the spatula until it's soft and muddy. After doing this to all the lipsticks you want to depot, take a hairdryer on high heat and low air blow. Heat up the mush, one section lipstick at the time, until it completely melts. This will make it harden again, look neater and easier to keep clean. Make sure to blow straight down so the lipsticks don't mix together, you may get some cross contamination, but it should be easy to remove with a brush once you start using it. 

This is my custom made palette to bring with clients, with some other shades I haven't depotted yet that I see is so popular with my clients, it's better to just have the shades rather then mixing. In my opinion a versatile depot palette for personal use, has a deep red, a orange, a coral, a bright pink, a good medium brown, a nude, a dark brown, a plum shade, a purple shade, a white shade and a black shade. A yellow and blue too if you want to get real fancy. This let's you mix different colors to get the desired shade, but are also great on their own already. You can sheer them out with lip balm. If it's also for clients you may need more then one shade to help suit different people, without mixing forever. This is my custom made palette to bring at work, with some other shades I haven't depotted yet. I see these are so popular with my clients, that it's better to just have the shades rather then mixing. 

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