Royal lips for summer makeup tutorial

Hello! I was really supposed to come back with a boom, and rather quickly. My last post was in April, and that merely not acceptable. But here I am, a little comeback with a summer makeup tutorial video, fireworks and confetti all over the floor. I hope you can forgive me, with all that's been going on this year with school, work, music videos and exams, I wasn't inspired to write and I didn't have the time to do proper posts. And suddenly months passed. I'll do an updated "my life right now post", and even a vlog of some of my summer, but for now let us get on with the video. 

In the time I've been gone my old computer has said goodbye, so I am changing editing program from pinnacle on a computer to final cut pro for Mac, so please bear with me until I finesse the video quality and figure out how to use it. Videos will be up on a weekly basis, with the possibly exception of next week as I'll be traveling to Portugal. Follow me on instagram to see a lot more of me then.  This look is inspired by the metallic lipstick trend we are seeing a lot of lately, Kylie Jenner because the Kardashians rule the world and its a fun twist of the normal bronzed summer look. 

Products used

- Cosmica day moisturizer for dry skin
- Urban Decay brighten and tighten face primer
- Urban Decay Primer potion original (eyelid primer)
-I start of using kryolan derma color concealers, the lightest shade, that's the triple I used, and then move over to Inglot "G", a green concealer underneath my nose to hide redness
- NARS Sheer glow foundation n. 1
- Kryolan Dermacolor powder
- Inglot HD sculpting powder "505"
- Inglot HD Sculpting powder "507"
- MAC Creamcolor base "Luna" for highlighter

- Urban Decay vice 2 palette "Habit" and "Rewind" 
Most similar dupe for "Habit" is Nars "Biarritz"
Most similar dupe for "Rewind" is Urban decay "Secret service"
- Urban Decay naked basics 1 "W.O.S" and "foxy" to blend and "Crave" for liner
- Estée Lauder waterproof sumptuous black mascara 

Limecrime perlees "Denim"
MAC Creamcolor base "Luna"


  1. Oh I've missed you Elise! I'm so happy you went straight for the tutorial, I love the lipstick! The colour is pure perfection <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

    1. Thank you, I'm so happy you're back, I've been updating your blog as well and checking it out even though I've been MIA <3