Let's talk about instagram makeup

Instagram makeup, hated by makeup artists and loved by the public. 

It isn't the fact that it's heavy contour, it isn't the fact that it's a hundred unnecessary layers, it isn't because it has stolen most of it's techniques from queens, it's because the instagram makeup is morphing and changing your face, instead of bringing out the beautiful in you. And instagram makeup is basically drag makeup, and often overdone drag makeup. The queens techniques are perfected already in theatrical makeup, so the overdoing of the techniques won't look good. I call it theatrical makeup, because that is what drag makeup is, stage makeup. And yes, queens do look gorgeous, but they are trying to feminize and morph their face into a woman from a man. And as the female and male anatomy is different, they need to use the power of makeup to help them contour their way to a different face shape. And when girls starts using these techniques in their everyday routine, they are hiding their face instead of accentuating it. This is the latest craze we call Instagram makeup and the latest of that, insane highlight. 

The insane highlight is the overdone highlight, that can be seen from outer space, and it's a very cool effect in photographs and stylized settings. But in real life will look odd and unflattering, as we see the face three dimensional and can see it from every angle. The intense shine will draw attention to your skin, aka blemishes, pores and uneven skin. Keep in mind that there is a difference between insane and dramatic highlight as well. Here I've used MAC color creme "Luna", a creme highlight that reflect well, but keeps you from looking too shiny. Make sure to blend this on the high points of your face like the nose bridge, on the cheekbones, over and under the eyebrows, on your cupids bow and chin. 

The pictures below are my little contribution to instagram makeup. Definitely not the most flattering lips (which I chose to be my main focus), but it's an okay look. If you want me to keep ranting on about makeup fails and how to avoid them, tell me in the comments, as I could go over every point, but it would frankly be a very long post.


  1. You look so stunning with it! And that lipstick colour is great, super cool post! Keep it up!
    Kinga x