The five types of people you'll meet in a makeup store

In a makeup store (the more high end specialized ones), there is a number of different people you'll meet. Makeup enthusiasts are the most colorful, fun, bitchy, annoying, nice and arrogant people you'll meet.

The secret makeup artist
These are the girls (and boys, but for the sake of this post, I'll generalize a tad) that are slaying the makeup game. And they do not bother to apply makeup to themselves on a day to day basis unless they have to. These girls often get overlooked by the cashier if they haven't shopped there before a lot, many don't want help and find everything out themselves and because of their makeup-less face they can often get seen as a customer that isn't going to buy anything. When these girls walk around the MAC counter, they're screaming "You have no idea what I am capable of" in a icky serial killer voice. 

"I have no clue"
These are the people who has no idea about makeup, and more often then not do not bother to take the time to learn it or to apply makeup. They just want to look like the women in magazines without putting in the effort, and blindly trust the poor saleswoman to give them exactly the products they want without telling them. Because apparently when you work with sale you're supposed to know what a person want, even if they don't know it themselves. These again divide into two categories, the sweet clueless lambs, who'll be happy to be guided and once they've found their favorites they never change. And the second is the bratty ones, they often insult the cashier and other costumers by ensuring everybody they're not vain, that makeup is a waste of time and that they're only here because *Blank* told them to. They'll get good recommendations, but only follow half of it, like buying a foundation, but not a concealer because it's so expensive, and then complain about their dark circles not getting covered later. 

The painting canvas
These are the people who has not gotten the quote less is more. You do not need seven layers of foundation, drag queen styled contour, over lined lip, false lashes and a black smokey eye combined on a day to day basis. I love a full face makeup, I do, but when your face look more like a mask then your actual face, it's time to re-evaluate your makeup choices. On the other hand, these get flooded with attention from the cashiers, because they can see it's easy to make a sale. So I guess it's a perfect technique in a crowded store. 

The swatcher
I am so guilty of this. I come in looking for one item, and I am walking out like a Picasso piece. The swatcher needs to see every single shade of bubblegum pink there is, before buying the one they picked in the first place. And they take up so much space, room and frankly, there is a limit to how different a bubble pink shade can be. 

The boyfriend
Dear ladies, if your boo buys you (the right) makeup, keep him forever. 
But in the store? Poor fellow. This is the guy who can not see the difference between a royal blue and a turquoise. He's probably buying his girl something for a celebration, or he messed up real good. But either way, you can't help but feel sorry for him as he looks at the MAC lipstick counter like a lost puppy. 


  1. Hahaha yes so true! I'm also the swatcher! Why would you buy a lipstick without swatching it and swatching 20+ other colours that are similar?! Love this post! Xx


    1. Haha, glad you found it funny, of course I would swatch the original lipstick, I'd just have to swatch 20+ more, just to be sure ;)

  2. I am a combination of the swatcher and the secret makeup artist haha. I love this post, it is so true!
    Destiny xo | msbeautyglam.com