One month of blog post ideas

1. Blog about a restaurant, cafè and so on you like with potential for great photos
2. Write about a bad experience with a brand or store
3. Share your favorite dessert recipe
4. Share your skincare routine, for summer, winter, spring and autumn
5. Share your reading list
6. Write a book review
7. Your best hair care tips
8. Review your styling irons
9. Makeup with glasses
10. Your lipstick collection
11. Pictures from your latest travel

12. Review a beauty product
13. Write about current cult products
14. Add a favorite of the month slit
15. Share your favorite blogs, instagram, snapchats. 
 16. Have a desk tour
17. A makeup collection video
18. A makeup tutorial
19. Share some of your latest artwork (if you have any)
20. Do a testing of a product and share your experience
21. Similarly, try a miracle cure or hack and see if it works
22. Share an everyday experience (make sure to write it interesting)
23. Make a jewelry collection tour 
24. What styling products you use
25. What's in my bag

26. How-to post (how to make your eyes look bigger, nose smaller)
27. Your packing tips
28. Your music playlist
29. Your travel essentials
30. Your beauty emergency kit
31. Your all time go-to product


  1. Oouh så inspirerende innlegg da! Takk for gode tips :D