Make studying fun!

I love making studying a lot funner then it has to be, and to pamper up so that I'm ready for the week! Here is my tips for making studying as productive and fun it can be. 

Before you start, take a shower and toss in that deep conditioner you never use in your hair long enough. You're probably going to be sitting a while, so you don't have to worry about having to wash it out to do something like going out. Really take your time to pamper while you study, you'll feel calm and you get that care your body needs. 

Cleanse the skin
Make sure you have properly clean skin before continuing on. I prefeer to cleanse my skin and remove the makeup separately, so first I use simple makeup wipes or Nivea double effect makeup remover on a pad. After that I use Decleor cleansing water or picaut nourishing cleanser to take away grease, remaining makeup and dirt from my face. 

Scrub it of Exfoliate while you're listening to audiobooks 
If your books have an audio option, now is the time to use it. Turn this on when you're to busy with your hands to read. (That's what she said..). This will not only give you an overview over the text but make you learn even more when you read through it. And the exfoliator will prep the skin to receive further care. Wash the exfoliator of with a damp cloth, I'm currently using Decleor Aroma Cleanse Exfoliator on my body, a home made lip scrub and Picaut exfoliating peel mask. 

Deep moisturize Add on a face mask and eye mask, if you have any body treatments add this, and pick up your book. Read every headline, and then start reading each paragraph in chronological order. You can choose which ones you want to use of course, I am using Jorgobe peel of mask and Ahava hydrating mask usually. 

Massage away the tension
Take a break, grab a cup of hot tea or coffee and pick up your oils. Use a facial oil like Picaut precious oil or a serum on your face and start massaging it in to relieve stress. Proceed on your legs using relaxing oils, I'm using Decleor relaxing dry oil. 

Lock in the moisture Finish the skincare by using a good moisturizer and/or sunscreen all over to lock in all the goodness. Pick up your book and continue to read each paragraph until it's dried.

Remove any old nail polish or residue, and add a base coat, whilst this dry, write down some key sentences to summarize each paragraph, so when you look back you'll only need to read that line. 

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  1. Include pampering into studying will make studying much more fun I guarantee! Hahaha! Seriously though, I love multi-tasking and if I could relax while doing so, then please do! <3

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H