I am a material snob

After neglecting my liquid latex and wax for a long time, I've realized I've become a material snob and that I as many other special effects artist absolutely hate it. It sticks everywhere, it doesn't lay nice and looks over all very fake. Of course there is better latex then the kryolan one, I haven't had as much trouble with the Mehron latex, but jeez, I think I have to do the rest of the 100 days of makeup challenge with prosthetics. I do not like the look of this, but it's okay enough as a part of 100 makeups. 

The thought behind this is anatomy study, so it's anatomically correct, and it is an operation wound where the flap of skin is removed for full vision and is going to be sewn on again.

But I do now know what happened to the girl who did seamless work with latex and wax, did she switch materials, or do she loose the grip so quickly? 

Nonetheless, I'm now at the level that I am abandoning cheaper materials, which means more work for me on the 100 days challenge.