How to fill in thick brows

If you're born with natural thick brows like me, a lot of people will say you're blessed, but it can really be a pain. Avoiding bushy brows, mono brows and monkey face are some of the things thick brow girls have to deal with.

My natural brow (dyed)

Start off by plucking them for your desired shape. I tend to like mine more angled as they sharpen my oval face. I usually pluck wild hairs and the tale mostly, I don't pluck the middle to front too much to so I get to keep the fullness. 

Brow dye
If you have thick blonde brows like myself,  dying them can help filling them in and avoid you adding a lot of shadow beneath the hairs which gives the all-hated scouse brow. Having darker brow hairs and less to fill in gives your brows a more natural look. 

It can sometimes be hard to fill in with creams and pencils unless you're skilled in makeup, it tends to look quite fake. One solution I like to use, is to fill your brows in evenly first so there is no patches, and then darken the tale of the brow and working your way in. If I do this I stop when I get to about 2.5/3 of the brow and fade out the rest. This will give a less angry prominent look on your face and avoid you looking angry. The reason why you want to fill in to the nose bridge, is that defining the brow all the way in will give your nose a straighter and more narrow look. 
And if you want to wear gels, and pencils, do several strokes and avoid using too much pressure on one spot. This will fake hairs and make the area look naturally fuller. 

If you have hairs in all directions you can set them with a translucent brow gel over your filling, by itself or a dyed one for a natural finish. The last probably works best for the girls without patchy eyebrows (Uneven growth). 


  1. You look so pretty here! and I love the bit about hairs in all directions because thats literially me! hahaha xoxo

  2. I don't have thick brows, they're actually pretty sparse which makes it difficult to get an even shape. Like gosh, brow powder and gels are my best friend! Hahaha <3

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

    1. Yes, I am happy with the full brows, except during plucking session, haha! Stay tuned as I am going to do a post on thinner and sparser brows, but I need to convince a friend with sparse brows to be photographed and such to do it first :)