Going au naturel

In these dark and gloomy days it's important to find time to unwind and relax. I've been meeting up with my parents a lot lately and it's so calming to have a good cup of coffee, a chat and re-assurance that you're going to be fine. 

A needed break

Me and my dad, decided to grab a bite at Dromedar Kaffebar. If you're ever in Norway and crave a good cup of coffee, make sure to head into this place, they won CafĂ© of the year this year. 

I met him right after school, and I was having a chill day, so I didn't wear any makeup. I've recently had a breakout, so I gave my skin a day to breathe after treating it with the skincare from Picaut, and the breakouts have calmed completely down. 

I haven't even dyed my brows yet, so I don't have the usual definition in my face I at least get. But it is so nice not wearing makeup to school, no worries about rubbing it off or feeling like I have a mask on. 


  1. Sounds like you are really having a lovely time with your parents - it's so nice to spend quality family time and this cafe sounds lovely. It's also so cool that you are so confident about going bare-faced. I have recently been wearing a lot less as well, but I can't go anywhere without my eyebrows filled in, as I hardly have any! Hope you and your dad had fun!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Yeah, it's great meeting family! I think we all have good of going bare faced sometimes, to help accept our own face. For me it was shock-adjusting because when I developed migraine I couldn't bare myself to apply makeup in the morning, and then I just got used to it! And thanks, we had a lot of fun! Have a good day, love from me!