Social media round up

On instagram I post inspirational photos, and snippets from my everyday life. Perfect if you're on my blog to see photos. I won't publish all of my blog content on there, but if I am doing a makeup look or review I'll sometimes repost it. I'm getting back into instagram, so be prepared to see more exclusive pictures throughout the year as the lighting get better. 

Pinterest is the perfect place to follow me if you're looking for inspiration. I know a lot of you click on my "Sharing is caring" slit, and on pinterest I pin the work I love and find inspiring and distribute them into category folders. 

Facebook page
I haven't really gotten into facebook just yet, but I am going to use this page more then just update on my daily post, like memes, small chit-chats, polls, exclusive content and more. 

Youtube page
Youtube is my favorite platform, after blogging depending on my mood. I love creating videos and show you guys different looks. I post a mixture of beauty and sfx videos, but during halloween time I only post costume related videos. Make sure to hit subscribe if you want to see me create my creations or you want to learn how to do it yourself!

Booking page
And lastly my booking page. Definitely the nicest and most professional looking page. This is of course only understandable to my Norwegian readers, but on this page you can book my services, check prices and take a look around on my portfolio work lined up. 

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