How to be a woman

A memoir and rant, as described on the back of the book, the author discuss important questions in the female debate and feminism today through her life story. We follow Moran and get up close and personal as she opens up about masturbating, shaving, having a three-day birth and her abortions. She brilliantly braid in modern day questions into this opening of her life.

A very hilarious woman share shamelessly her opinions and experiences, and hit the nail with its brilliant writing style. It is a bit of a rough book, so to say. So if you're very sensitive to bad language and graphic scenarios, it can be a mouthful. But I will recommend any woman to pick up this and make up your mind about these questions, and at the same time have a blast. And for all the men, read this, if you want to know how the twisted female brain is actually working. 

 What I have to say about the writing style is characterized in a mix of Essay and causerie, and many of the opinions stated is quite the opposite of the typical feminism. It plays on stereotypes and generalisations, in quite a lot of the text to make a point, a style we often see in causeries. 

A light way to get into feminism and reflect. Although Morans thoughts aren't original, she has a fun way of stating those opinions, that makes this a very interesting read.

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