Five lipstick shades every woman should own

As a makeup enthusiast, I've collected quite a range of colors to have on my lips. These are for reference the MAC lipsticks I had in August.. So my selection is quite huge if you know this is only half of them, and more than anyone would ever need. But there are a few shades I think all women should have have in their kit. Note the fact that these aren't necessarily my essentials, as makeup artists tend to be a another species than humans when it comes to how we want to dress up. 

A cold brown
Every woman should have some sort of cold color, light almost grey taupe to a dark chocolate brown depending on your preferences. The monotone color gives a strict, chic and stunning look, and is great for an everyday basis when you want to be extra fly, but can't or won't wear a red lip. 

A seductive red
The forties and fifties, need I say more? A red lip looks gorgeous on anyone as long as it's applied properly, and can be adjusted from vampy to fun depending on the deepness and undertone of the red. 

A lighthearted pink
The lighter shades will make your lips look fuller and bigger, top it of with a lipgloss and call it a' day. This shade is appropriate for both work, chilling and clubbing, there is no other such universal shade. And you will never waste your money on a good light pink, because it's so wearable. 

A vampy berry
My personal favorite, purple lips. A good berry lip is perfectly edgy and seductive. It makes you look sexy, but doesn't stand out like a more crazy color would, so you can wear it anywhere. For a sexy smoldering look, go for a berry shade. Take a berry gloss and make yourself look newly kissed and sexy, or vamp it up completely with Arianda Grande Viva Glam and look super cool and mysterious. 

And the eighties gone wild
Every woman should have the "This is so cool, I'd rather hang out with my bright blue lips, then listen to you all day". A crazy color you love, no matter what, to have on those 3am long nights and for dancing "Single ladies" with your girlfriends. You may not wear this to a first date, but hell of an icebreaker, isn't it? 


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  2. Ååh elsker leppestifter men glemmer alltid å bruke det!

    1. Ja, ofte jeg glemmer det jeg og når jeg gjerne skulle hatt det!