Decleor Aromessence Relaxing dry oil

The dry oil is part of a spa range by Decléor, a series that's suppose to relax you and get a spa treatment at home. I've tried several products of this range, but I thought this deserved a mention on it's own. First of, this is a travel size, so the full size comes in a practical spray bottle so you don't waste any product. You can use this on both dry and wet skin, and use it as a relaxing moisturizer or massage oil. Use it on tense areas to loosen them up. It's created with essential oils, tonka bean, ylang-ylang, vetiver and vanilla extract. Especially formed to relax the body. And according to Decléor has no mineral oils, no parabens, preservative-free and no colorant. 

Now over to my experience with the product. I've used this at least once a week since Christmas and I've seen the effect on my legs (Which is the only place I've used it since it's so small). Combined with a good moisturizer, my legs haven't been ashy as they normally get around this time of year. It helps my natural oils develop a protective layer. I won't say it has completely moisturized my skin, but as far as I can tell this isn't supposed to replace a moisturizer either. 
The scent of this is amazingly relaxing and I love the scent of spa's, which is what this reminds me of. It doesn't linger unless you combine it with a the aromaessence moisturizer though, so don't worry if you're not crazy about the smell of it. 

I think this is a good product, but a bit on the pricy site, and it's definitely not an essential product in a basic skin care regime. I'll be repurchasing this if I get some extra money in a gift or something, but as a student this isn't something I'll use money I make with my tight budget.