My progress in a year SFX

January 2015 Exposed knuckles and head shot wound

February 2015 Tate from AHS, Wreath seven deadly sins, third degree burned hand, exposed metacarpus bones

March 2015 War wounds

April 2015 Artistic evil easter bunny inspired by Goldiestarling on youtube, "A finger hanging", Dexter skinned thumb technique, sewn on hand look, split lip makeup, remake broken heart Geisha and burn victim

May 2015 Slit throat

June 2015 envy seven deadly sins, exposed metacarpus bones, art to face paint

July 2015 Mental clown, creative spin on the word poison

August 2015 Alien Warrior, Swan lake, Slit finger, Severe bruise damage

September 2015 Wolf and mice face paint, infected cheek damage, pop art costume makeup, glas slit face

October 2015 slit wrist, Sugarskull, easy pumpkin costume, zombie infection, the mad hatter costume

November 2015 Gore ring, pop art zombie, Satans prisoner

January 2016 Frost Bite makeup


  1. Oh my goodness. These are amazing. The one with the bloody bone middle finger is disgusting (which means it's amazing!!) :]

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  2. These are awesome!You are so so talented!AMAZING POST!!xxx