Makeup for beginners kit

We all started somewhere, and if you're on this post, maybe you're starting with makeup? Or maybe you're giving someone their first makeup kit? Either way, here is my picks for a perfect makeup for beginners kit. I've left a lot out in a regular makeup kit, both because this is only a beginner kit and you don't need much to begin with and also because it's easy to fail with a lot of products, so you can build up your kit and abilities instead of testing all at once.

Makeup remover
Because you need to take the makeup off, every night. It might seem like a drag, but trust me, your skin will thank you for taking care of it in future years.

Face cream, sunscreen, eye cream, exfoliator
Wait, isn't this makeup kit for beginners? Well, you need a proper foundation to get beautiful results, so make sure you have the best ground for you. Yes maybe you have flaky skin, maybe you have acne or maybe you have perfect skin, but either way, treating it with proper skincare products are important. I've only listed the ones that are crucial for a good base for makeup, not skin care essentials. Face cream because your face will be unbalanced from the chemicals in your makeup and you need to moist your face. Make sure your face cream matches your skin and that you're buying a proper one. If you're unsure, go to a pharmacy, a skin clinic or a esthetician  place to find out what fits your skin the best.
Sunscreen, in an ideal world we would wear sunscreen all year round because you're always exposed to UVA and UVB, but make sure to always put a layer of sunscreen under your makeup for shiny days, even though it's winter. Eye cream, same principle as the face cream. Exfoliator, this will ensure an even application and remove dead skin cells from the surface of your face.

To make a nice brow you should have a nice brow shape, some are blessed with perfect brows, others aren't. It's usually a good idea to clean up around the lines of your brow either way, just don't go overboard and consider getting help professionally the first time.

Brow powder
Pencils and dip pomades can often give very harsh drawn on looks if not applied correctly. So if it's your first time with makeup you should go for a more safe option, brow powder, as it's forgiving and look very natural, to fill them in use a soft angled brush.

Lip gloss/satin lipstick
A cool lipstick or gloss can make your face look all done without much effort. Go for a color you like, and rock it. For first timers I will suggest a subtle opaque red or a rose pink, they're light and forgiving colors, and if you do any mistakes they're not that visible

A nice black mascara gives you beautiful lashes and doesn't overdo a look. For a high-end I will reccomend Lancôme or Estèe Lauder waterproof

Eye shadow brush, chocolate brown and a light satin
You can't really go wrong with a chocolate brown and a satin color. It suits most skin colors, it's not possible to mismatch to each other and because it's only two colors you can get better quality shadows that will work better then a cheap chalky one. And for the brush, go for a stiff C shaped one and a fluffy blending brush, even dual ended if you find one.

Foundation, buffingbrush/beautyblender and powder & powderbrush
Now I say foundation, but this can be bb-cream, cc-cream or whatever. You can apply it with your hands, but they would need to be very clean to avoid dirt to get onto your face. I would suggest low to medium coverage unless you have bad skin, if your skin is having blemishes/acne, seek a dermatologist for a consult, change up your diet and do proper skincare and do not wear makeup. If you have discoloring, use a concealer for redness and another one to hide dark circles. And like with all cream makeups, make sure to set it with powder and to have a powder brush that isn't full of bronzer.

Pink blush
If you go for a muddy pink color it's much harder to go overboard, don't opt for the most pigmented blushes. Blushes are a simple way to dress up your face with less products to screw up with.


  1. Great Blogpost , Beginners will find this very helpful :)