How to fix your broken powder makeup

Did your eyeshadow fall on the floor or got cracked during flight? No worries, with this very simple safe trick you'll be able to use your makeup as usual without the mess. This eyeshadow is a dear to me and is also discontinued (Scream out if you know about a similar shade!), so when it broke I absolutely had to fix it as soon as possible. What you will need is basically 96% or 99% alcohol, do not use antibac, it needs to be pure alcohol, because anything else can mess with the formula, and it needs to be alcohol that will dissolve. I used my 99% isopropyl alcohol from Neills materials, but anything you can get your hands on is fine. The alcohol is already in the mixture so it won't affect the formula, and it dissolves after a short while so you can start using it as normal pretty quickly.

Start by pulverizing the eyeshadow to make it mix a lot better using a spoon, the end of a spatula or anything you see fit around you.  

Pour in a decent amount of alcohol, but not so much the powder swims in it, start mixing it until it turns into a paste and start spreading it around the pot evenly. After this let it fully dry and then you can start using your product. Sometimes it can make cracks like here but it doesn't actually crack up and get ruined again. The reason this happens is because I used too much alcohol, and when it dried it shrunk and it wasn't enough powder. 



  1. So helpful!Great post!xx


  2. Don't we all know that feeling! Glad you've found a away to put it all in one piece! Might give it a try next time that happens to me.

    Jo x

    1. Yeah, it's kind of horrifying, haha! Let's hope you don't get use for it ;)