After Christmas, Tanya Burr 12 days of Christmas

Borrowed from zoella.co.uk due to lightning issues during December
I've opened my entire beauty calendar and now it's time to tell you what I think about it. This will give you a heads up so you can decide if you want Tanya Burrs calendar next year.

Tanya Burr 
The calendar was adorably packaged and it gave me a real Christmas feel over my December. Now as I am mentioning packaging, it was thinner and smaller then I assumed. I think this was a very good thing because it didn't take up too much space, and it was compact so you still got a decent size on the products. The thing I did not like about the packaging was that the plastic that held the products where way to tight, so I didn't get a lot of them out without wrecking the pink cardboard. It is just a vanity thing, but it would still be nice if it was still pretty after the 24th. 

The products are decently sized travel products, so from what I can recall you get two nail files, one pocket mirror, two loose eyeshadows, two pair of false lashes (These are my favorite!), three lip glosses and lastly two nail polishes.  
First I'll tell you a but about the products I did like, all three of the lip glosses are gorgeous and I am actually repurchasing all of them when they are out, one opaque light pink, one sheer fuchsia and one deep berry tint. I haven't tested the false lashes yet but I do love the design of them and the pocked mirror is always in my bag. The nail files are nail files, there is not much to like or dislike and the loose eyeshadows have nice pigmentation and are in classic colors we all wear. 

But the nail polishes, they had a nice gel like feeling and lasted quite long on my hands, but the colors, especially the green one, it looked horrible. Just as if I had dyed my hair and had color residue on my hands. 

Price £19 at feelunique.com


  1. Lovely box !

  2. Just stumbled on your blog and it's absolutely beautiful!

    Followed you on Bloglovin' would be great if you could check out my blog...


  3. Ohhh gosh, what gorgeous gifts from Tanya! I don't really use nail polishes though so I might give it skip <3

    xx Bash | H E Y   B A S H | bloglovin'

    1. I didn't like the nail polishes, but I still felt it was worth it since it was only two out of ten days <3