4 Beauty Products I Use Wrong - What?

I don't know about you, but I love a good 2-1 deal. And sometimes, the alternative method of using a product can be even better then the original intention. So here is to beauty products I use the wrong way, tell me if you're using any beauty products a different way then intended, I would love to test out something new!

Naked basics palette

If you watch my youtube channel you'll probably already know that I use my naked basics palette for contouring. I use the shade Naked 2 and Faint together with my real techniques buffing brush with faint on the downside to my cheekbone and Naked 2 blended upwards, and this creates a beautiful gradual color and emphasizes my cheekbones. I usually have the problem that contour powders are to warm or to cold, this is a good in the middle shade. And if I am on vacation, I double this up by using "Venus" as my highlight shade and "faint" as my brow shade. 

MAC viva glam 2 lipstick
This shade is kind of too cold for my skintone on my lips and empasizez any yellowness in my skin and teeth, so I always warm it up a tiny bit with "russian red" on my lips. But it fits perfectly as a blush, it's also very long lasting. A problem I often get with lilac/pale pink blushes is that they aren't pigmented at all, but this gives just the right opacity for a blush surprisingly enough. 

Urban Decay primer potion eyeshadow original
For some reason, the UD primer potion actually works better at priming blemishes and impurities then the face primer, so if I have any redness or blemishes I use this on the areas and use my face primer on the rest of my face to smooth out my skin. The concealer lays better and longer after I've changed. 

Sugarpill "Tako" eyeshadow
I use this bad boy as an eyeshadow, but it's also the perfect powder highlighter, when I don't want heavy makeup or any glow, but still want my cheekbones and nose defined I use this, either on top of my powder or as a setting powder depending on how much highlight I want. I can also use this beneath my shimmery highlighter if I want a highlighted face with a very dewy finish. I used this trick a in my satans prisoner look on youtube where you can see the effect.


  1. Oh, Urban Decay Naked Basics palette is my favourite palette just because it's so versatile! I used Naked 2 shade as my contour shade as well! Love it <3

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