November Favorites

We're in the last month of December and you know what that means, it's time to wrap up the favorites from November! I hope you like this months wintry feel and find some inspiration.

Lush bah humbug
If you haven't guessed it I've been significantly more to lush during autumn. I've tried yog nog bath bomb and soap, the Bah Humbug bath bubbler, twilight bathbomb, sakura bathbomb and pop in the bath. Out of all of them the one I was the most skeptical of  was the bah humbug, but once I dissolved this under the tap I quickly realized my suspicion towards the smell had no reasoning. It smelled like heaved to me. It ended up being my favorite so far. The color in this bubble bar was the strongest I've seen so far in lush and it made quite a lot of bubbles. I will be sure to pick a couple of this up before the Christmas range is gone for this year,

Hunter green scarf
It's freezing in my classroom, and also outside for that matter, so I haven't walked outside the door this November without a scarf around my neck and as long as it hasn't been in the washer this is the one I went for.

NewYorker Sweater 
I was given this in the middle of the month and I've worn it almost every singe day. It's so soft and warm, and the design really reminds me of Christmas which is right around the corner.
Lush cuticle cream
I've used my lush cuticle cream significantly more this cold and dry month. My hands have cracked up so often I keep this in my school backpack and apply it each morning. The smell of lemons also wake me up.

Joico liquid protection spray
Breaking news to anyone with naturally dry, big and curly hair, a product that works more then a day. Anyone  with natural curls and dry hair knows the struggle of winter. You use hydrating and anti frizz products, it holds for a couple of hours and then your hair rebels. I've started spraying this in my hair after drying it with a cloth and again in the morning after. All the frizz lays down until next shower. So I have been loving this, but it's clearly aimed at girls with dry hair since it weights the hair down a lot.

Joico intense repair
Again, good to strengthen naturally dry hair or chemically treated hair. Almost all of my bleached hair has grown out so I don't see tremendous results in repair. But it does help keep my hair soft and more friction resistant which I appreciate.


  1. That scarf and jumper are stunning! I might have to add them to my Christmas Wishlist!

    Love & Hugs
    Frances xoxo


    1. Thank you! The scarf is from BIKBOK, a local chain in Norway, but you could easily get your hands on something just like it since it's a trending color now 😉