My beauty wish list 2015

Along with my Christmas themed other posts a natural follow up is my beauty wishlist for Christmas. It's the perfect time to ask for makeup since many prefer to give presents instead of envelopes at Christmas time. So if you don't know what to wish for or you're buying to a makeup geek, take a look at this list for some inspiration!

YSL Grenat satisfaction
There is several lipsticks from this brand on my wishlist, but "grenat satisfaction" is defensively my must have from YSL. I've heard so many great things about these lipsticks. It's nice to have this luxury item to brighten up the day and I am a sucker for the packaging! 

MAC Eyeshadow
I have a couple on my wishlist this year, "Passionate", "Red brick", "Steamy" and "Atlantic" . I am currently collecting Sugarpill shadows so the blue and bright pink is kind of unnecessary, but I am ordering the burning heart palette first so it's okay, hehe!  

OPI 3-1 Nail Strengthener 
Per now my favorite nail strengthener and I've talked about this product before, a multi product perfect for us who work with products or do activities that break our nails and are too lazy to have 3 different products if we can get it all in one! 

Makeup geek pigments and pressed eyeshadows 
Even tough I don't wish for things online from my family this is still on my wishlist! I tend to look back on my wishlist throughout the year when I want to treat myself. I am wishing for several colors, but it's something in every range "steampunk", "gold digger", "flame thrower", "chickadee" and "insomnia" are just a few of the ones I want! 

Sugarpill cosmetics eyeshadows
Sugarpill is the most pigmented and best bright eyeshadows out there, so with the exception of "bulletproof", "Tako" and "Poison plum" because I already have these, I am collecting them all. It's basically Elise's version of Pokèmon.

MAC Blush 
On my wishlist this year is the blushes "Well Dressed", "Baby don't go" and "Rosy outlook", three versitile brushes and combined with the coral blush, red blush and wine colored blush I have all the standards in my makeup kit. 

 MAC lipstick 
And if you're a MAC kind of girl, you are definitely wishing for some new ones (I know the feel!), this year I placed "Sin", "New york apple" and "Angel" on my wishlist. MAC Sin is a very dark red, which I feel every makeup lover needs. It's such a stylish color that makes outfits more chic. And New york apple is one of those classic colors perfect for Christmas. 

Eldora false lashes
The best lashes I've tried until now are the eldora false lashes so there is several on my list, they have a great selection of unique lashes perfect for character makeup! 


  1. Oh gosh, what I'd give to have some Sugarpill eyeshadows! I can never bring myself to buy them though, they are so pretty but...I don't know why I keep stopping myself! Gaah!

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'


    1. I was hesitant too before I got my first ones, I don't really know why, I think it's because it's so bright shades so at least I always wondered if I would use them as much, but trust me, they're perfection! Also they're so raved about that I was kind of scared I'd be disappointed.. haha!

  2. ohmygod! These are all so gorgeous! Need them on my wishlist too now hehe xxx

    Ayah & Kimmy// http://embracethespotlight.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Hehe, yeah it's real gorgeous products, especially the makeup geek shadows! xx