My beauty advent calendars 2015

Just because we grow up doesn't mean we have to let go of traditions. I ordered two twelve days of christmas calendars because the ones with 24 openings that tempted me was over 100$ + 25% taxes or sold out of both. And if you didn't know, in Norway we celebrate entirely on Christmas eve and we open our gifts and stuff on 24th instead of 25h. 

The first one is Tanya Burrs one, I haven't tried any of her products and I really wanted to so this was a great chance to try a variety without breaking the bank for 30£. And since it was 5£ under the tax limit I didn't have to pay extra which is always great.The second ended up being feeluniques own advent calendar and I am so exited to see what's in it. I decided to open a room from the calendars every other day to get some varying. I'll be updating with a review on these two after Christmas eve so that you can know if these were worth the money.

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