It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

It's the first of December and a lot of things are happening for me right now! Personally, I am moving house all by my self for the first time. It's so exiting, but still scary at the same time, but basically, it's good to get some experience to live alone before I move completely away from my family, and it's also nice to get an overview over how much money I need to live.

On the second note, I am still a working bee, I've had migrene for two days now and stayed home, but today I went to work since it was only three hours filming and then most of the work is done at home. Svanhild the nutritionist made these healthy chocolate treats you can find at my work-givers website trenpƄnett.no for 45 kr a month. As this site is in Norwegian it only applies to my Norwegian followers so sorry about that!

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