How to contour the nose

In my opinion, nose contouring is the hardest to contour since it's such a small obvious area, so here is a guide on how to contour it so it looks natural in real life.

Getting the right shade
This should not lean towards either orange or grey, think about the natural shadows in your face. Second, if you can, buy or test a variety of shades ranging from slightly darker then your skin tone to mid-dark to your skin tone. Test these at home with a natural daylight to see what is too harsh. It's easy to have too dark contouring because we don't always see it ourselves. Therefore, aim for something not to different from your natural skin tone and use a highlighter to compliment the contour.

Choosing the right product for you
When contouring you have to choose between cremes and powders. Powders tend to lay more naturally are easier to work with and if you want to change anything it's much easier to change it with cremes.But cremes can manipulate a lot more then powders and often works better with more dramatic makeups.

Here is a picture before and after nose contouring. Because of my nose shape that is pointed upwards and it get a bit bigger in the end I avoid laying a harsh contour because it will give me a very potato nose. But it is more defined and doesn't look as flat as in pictures. Depending on your nose shape and the result you want you can of course make it a bit more dramatic then I've done.

Some things to consider
  • Use mattes for contouring, always, his is because our shadows doesn't sparkle, not even ||superwoman||'s. 
  • Use a highlighter with your contour as appose to a darker color, where there is shadow this is always light. Let them compliment each other for more natural results.   
  • Don't over do it, enhance and slightly fix your natural nose shape. Theatrical contouring looks great on cam and in costume, but looks awfully fake on an everyday basis.
  • Make sure you have a soft angled fluffy brush for the best results. 


  1. Awesome! I can totally see the difference! I ought to learn how to contour. :]

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    1. Yeah, of course you can go a bit more overboard without it looking fake, but on an everyday basis I find it prettier to define the nose rather then change it's shape :)

  2. Shes beautiful what s her name of the model