Gift guide for the young adult girl

Again with the gift guide this year, and I devote this to any young female, because I picked things I would want to receive or give to my friends. To start off with the first picture a cute mug is perfect as an ad-on if your main gift isn't quite big enough or a small gift for a colleague or a friend. The other is for the girl who loves quotes and Coco will never go out of style. Personalize it by giving them a quote that suits them as a person, frame it (Maybe make a chic DIY) out of it and bam you got yourself a cool personalized gift. 
Next up is a Lush bathbomb if the person has a tub, or get them something else from the large range of bathroom products. Most girls, especially young ones will appreciate a self care product. And you can go budget with just a bath bomb for $5, buy a set or pick some items out. Make the person you're gifting a little gift box. Next is scarfs, be careful on this one, it's the perfect gift for someone who likes to wear scarfs but wasted if they never wear it. And make sure you get a exchange patch with it so that the person receiving can change colors. But in the cold winter months it's always nice to have a nice thick long scarf around the neck. You can get one from most stores, the Acne ones are very used here in Norway. Jewlery is also a classic gift. Again like the scarfs, make sure to get the exchange patch and that the person actually uses jewelry. Diamond looking earrings is always nice to have, pearls are also a nice addition to any collection. Personally I love unique jewelry so if you're dealing with a tumblr girl a geode necklace or crystal pendant can be a very beautiful gift! Lastly a cheeky or sassy t-shirt or sweater that matches the person is a fun and cute gift that will probably actually be used. 

That was all for today, I hope you liked my gift guide and I'll see you again tomorrow! 


  1. MUGS! Mugs are the best things to get for a lady. But maybe that's because I collect mugs hahaha! That said, I think the best presents are meaningful and had a lot of thought in them. I tend to make presents because it's more...human.

    xx Bash | Hey Bash | bloglovin'


    1. Haha, yeah! Of course, one of my most precious gifts are the earrings I got from my best friend (She's a jeweler) <3