Sugarpill cosmetics "Tako"

Sugarpill is a praised brand for their eyeshadows. I picked up tako, bulletproof and poison plum to test out at IMATS this year, I got the refill pans to go in my Z-palette but you can only get packaged on their website.

As you can see this is a matte white eyeshadow. The pigmentation of this is great, and one of the better white eyeshadows I've tried. Not only does it give an even coverage, but it's also a true white. But it's not fully opaque, so you need a base of white cream shadow like NYX jumbo pencil in milk to get a completely white coverage. Because of this vibrant color it's also great for drag makeup, to highlight under-brows, to set grease paints and so on. I also use this for very vibrant looks over my primer potion, and it makes other colors really pop out. You can see I've done this trick on my Popsicle sweetness eyeshadow

Price with packaging 12$- Vegan - at sugarpillcosmetics.com - My rate 5/5

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