Skin illustrator FX palette review

If you're looking at the skin illustrator palettes, I will guess you are either advanced in special effects makeup, or really want to be. Either way, great! Welcome to my little corner of inspiration.
Now over to the review of this palette, first of it's an alcohol activated palette. And it's no secret Skin illustrator and european body art are one the most respected brands in special effects makeup. You have a variety of uses for these colors, masks,  covering tattoos, to create hyper realistic wounds or fake tattoos that will last a lot better then water based paints will. But this is a specialized palette created especially for damage makeup, so we'll be looking closer on that use here.

Now I got the FX palette in July, so I've had some time to play with it. Including using it in this video.

The first thing you'll notice if you've been doing water based colors before is that this is quite translucent, and therefore looks a lot more realistic when you're making damage makeup. The colors are activated with alcohol, so make sure you apply moisturizer after using the paints because alcohol is known to dry out the skin and be careful around sensitive areas like the eyes. It builds in layers and thus makes it ideal to replicate the skins actual pattern. You can apply this with any applicator that gives you the desired effect, but sponges and certain brushes can suck up a lot of product. And be careful with nature brushes, as with any paint it sucks up pigments and you risk staining your brushes.

Water and sweat proof once dried completely - Smudge proof

Excerpt from website about FX palette:
Designed for just about any injury or illness imaginable, the Skin Illustrator FX palette can simulate 1st, 2nd & 3rd. degree burns, cuts, scrapes, scabs, and bruises. The FX Palette seamlessly integrates with the FLESH TONE Palette to create varying degrees of injuries and illnesses. The pigment content is much higher than any other palette available so the colors go farther and last longer. 
Safety Note:
Because it is alcohol activated, great care should be taken to keep it out of your eyes. 

I feel like the FX palette is the most affordable when it comes to these, as you don't typically need a full covered head, so you need less product for the desired effect. And as they said themselves in the quote from the website, it's also the most pigmented. Therefore if you're investing in your first Skin illustrator palette I'd opt for this or the complexion palette.

Price 75$ at premiereproductsinc a certified retailer of these palettes


  1. Great to hear your opinions on this palette , always wanted to buy this palette . :)


    1. It's a perfect buy for anyone serious about SFX makeup, but not essential if you're not hardcore into especially damage makeup <3

  2. Interesting! I haven't heard of this palette but that extreme bruise is quite amazing. :]

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  3. Shiit, så kult det ble! Du er utrolig flink :)

  4. Kult! Skal huske på denne hvis jeg noen gang trenger det, hehe :D

  5. Du er helt sykt flink! At du klarer å lage alle de skumle og kule tingene! :D