October favorites

Bodum travel cup
The weather is getting colder and I love to bring with me my travel mug with warm apple tea, a black coffee or if I'm feeling extra cozy a latte maccchiato from my tassimo machine, mmm..

Student calendar and blog notebook
These babies has really helped me plan and organize my days and blog posts. I write down the title of my post in my student calendar or straight out what I'm writing about to remember months in advance and add a better title after writing out the post. And in my blog notebook I write down the posts I have more text in. I feel like writing things down instead of typing on a machine helps my create process.

The color burgundy
I've been loving this color in this entire month, the deep wine color is one of those that makes me think about autumn, cozy nights and hot drinks with friends. Also for my neutral cold skin tone burgundy is one of the few autumn shades I can wear without looking dead.

L`oreal smoothing lotion
As the autumn weather makes my hair go extremely frizzy, so my hair oil from Moroccan oil hasn't done a good enough job to de-frizz my mane. And the L'oreal smoothing lotion is a hardcore de-frizz potion, so I turn to this whenever my Moroccan oil fail me.

Matched by Ally Condie
I got the whole trilogy on a book sale, I had been wanting to read this since finishing the Divergent series as I heard it was a similar theme. I am half way through and it's getting very exiting already. I've heard both good and bad about the trilogy, especially the second and third book so I wanted to read them and see for myself.

Makeup brush cleaning spray from the pro hygiene collection
As you've seen by my sporadic updates and me warning beforehand I've been crazy busy with clients all week, and this spray saved my butt. Of course I deep cleaned the brushes I used liquid product on. But the truth is that there is not as strict hygiene about powder brushes when I learned about this in school as powders doesn't carry bacteria as much as liquids (Also why the expiring date is much later). This spray does contain 99% isopryl alcohol meaning that it will disinfect bacterias off liquid makeup as well, but the colors would be left. Therefore I still deep cleaned my foundation brush between each client. I sprayed this between clients on my eyeshadow brushes and to disinfect brushes before I dip them back into the pot.

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