Grey by E.L. James Christmas gift tip

A steaming hot gift for any woman (Or man) in your life. This is the sequel to the best selling trilogy Fifty shades of Grey. If you know someone who enjoyed the triliogy they'll appriciate this because it's a more filling story then the first, you get an explanation on what is going on in Christians head, what he's thinking during their meetings and so on. Basically it's the same story but from a different angle. 
I would recommend reading the three original books from Ana's point of view before digging into this, but I've started mine already and I am loving it. I wasn't super into the first book, and preferred the second, but after I read this I appreciate the first book so much more. 


For my regular readers, sorry for my absence this last week, I've been working on a secret project and didn't want to put anything up I wouldn't read myself. 

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