Theatrical thursday #27 My fake blood recipe

Need cheap fake blood for halloween? 
This is my recipe when I need larger amounts of fake blood, this is edible but it doesn't taste very nice.

Soy sauce
Corn syrup (But dark cyrup works as well)
Water to liquefy it
Dark syrup to thicken it up
Coffee for a grainy effect
Concentrated red, blue and green food coloring

First I mix my syrup and food coloring, if I need it to be thinner I thin it down with soy sauce (Or blackcurrant juice) or thicken it up using thick dark syrup. I add up extras like coffee grains if it's going to be gritty. And if the blood doesn't look dark enough I pop in some soy sauce and more blue and green food coloring.
If you search around for fake blood recipes you will likely find corn flour in many beginner ones to thicken the fake blood, personally I find this to lump up and it removes too much translucency in the blood.

After this you go, you can make as much as you need, a pile on the floor, all over you or inside wounds, it's up to you!


  1. Omg, dette så kjempe ekte ut! så flink du er :-D

  2. Ver convincing. Thanks for the awesome halloween diy!

    Rae of Love from Berlin
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  3. Dette er nok veldig nyttig for mange, og jeg har jo hørt fra flere at de sliter med å finne blod i butikkene, så... Ja, takk for tips, hehe :D

    1. Det var det jeg tenkte, vet jo hvor crazy det blir rundt halloween, så det å finne en enkel kjapp oppskrift man kan gjøre hjemme er jo nyttig om morro butikkene er tomme :)