Sculpting gel vs. Wax

Today I'm going to share the differences, pros and cons between sculpting gel (Or 3d degree) and the standard nose and scar wax. In this makeup I used nose and scarwax from Ben Nye and Artex from Kryolan, grease paint and fake blood from bloodymarvelous.

This is the wound I made from scar wax. The way you apply scar wax is from scooping wax out of the container, taking spirit gum or pros-aide and attaching it to whatever area you want your effect. Use makeup remover or lotion on your hands, spatula and a bit on the wax to blend it properly out.
This is extremely sticky stuff and you can't apply it in areas you move much if you're using it over time because it creases up, it can also do this with a lot of heat. I've used a lot of wax in my works and even though I am slowly merging into sculpting and using sculpting gel I still pop out the wax if I see it fit, especially for halloween looks that should't be all fancy!

Price 24.95 $ for 226 g 
At screenface.co.uk


It's much more affordable
It's easier to mold with some practice
It doesn't dry out so you get use of all your product 
More amateur friendly
Doesn't need drying by itself

It doesn't look as realistic, the wax doesn't look as much like skin like the silicone and it applies colors different then on the skin and silicone
Not touch proof
Needs adhesive
Loose mobility/Isn't as flexible and durable

This is the wound I created with sculpt gel. I had to hide my edges a lot more with the wax, so it got a lot of an older feel to it, but you can see here that it's a lot more blended in, there is less product and the cut are much neater.

Price 22$ for 100g
At screenface.co.uk

Easier for more advanced MUA's 
More blend able
No need for adhesives 
Applies color better and more realistic
Touch and stretch proof, you can bang this into a door or do the splits, it won't budge
Very realistic
Not sticky and mattes down very easy with powder

Mine has dried out a lot so I've lost a lot of product, if the product isn't completely airtight or you accidentally dip some of A into B or opposite, your product is ruined. 

All in all I think you need to consider the needs, if you need it to stay all night, be flexible and you are willing to pay the extra bucks I'd definitely gone for the sculpt gel. But if you're starting out and need to practice wounds I'd start with wax and moved onto gel.  


  1. Jeg har ikke peiling på sånne ting, men utrolig spennende da! :D

    1. Ja, jeg prøvde å gjøre det interresant for de som ikke holder på med dette også, spesielt nå med halloween rett rundt hjørnet! :)