Mehron paradise paint review in teal and dark blue

When dealing with body painting you tend to try out different brands, as with most other things, and you tend to find pros and cons with each product, as with most other things. I've been a regular user of the Grimas face paint and most of the paints are great and very affordable. But I also like to test new ones, and Mehron is a brand I don't easily get my hands on unless I order online here in Norway. So when I found their booth at IMATS I picked up two primary shades in a big pot, teal and dark navy blue.

I found the technique to spray water in the pot and swirl a brush around to get the most opaque and even application. 

First of let's state some things if anybody wondered, this is water based paint. And swirling around is the technique I've used to apply these paints. Water based colors don't tend to apply very neat when you pour water over it for some reason, probably that the spray moisten it more and doesn't water it out.  These pots apply evenly and get a opaque color very easily without needing a lot of product, so you avoid it to crack up. The colors last quite long if you avoid rubbing it and sweating a lot. The only problem I find is that the teal stains the skin quite a lot. The paints are coconut scented, which I get personally quite sick from so that is a con for me, but for anyone who loves coconut will love that this doesn't smell like the ordinary face paint!

For a application to stick very well I use Kryolan Fixier Spray. I know a lot of MUA's also use a barrier spray before application that makes it stick even better, but I am not sure what product they're using per now. A little story on how strong the fixier spray is, I was working on a client that had a cold and it had to be done that day so we didn't postpone it. He sneezed after I was done and got snot all over the nose paint and the paint over the mouth, I made him take a towel and very carefully wipe it of and tap it. Normally it would all be gone but it didn't even smear the white and black slightly!

Sorry for my MIA this week, it's been very hectic and I've gotten my new Macbook, going from Mac to computer is very confusing so blogging consumes a lot more time for now then necessary!

Price with pot 12.95$ 
Price refill 8.95$


  1. Oh wow these are incredibly opaque! What an incredible product!

    Rae | Love from Berlin

    1. Yes, they are definitely one of the best body paints out there, so I wanted to tip you guys before halloween!